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  • qhoxie
    Google Summer of Code Hacker
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    Re: Moving to Prototype 1.5 and other JS issues Link to this post

    yeah, i just brought it up as fastinit would be fairly trivial to implement, and seeing as updating prototype is going to take awhile, it might be worth it

    regardless, ondomload will surely be a welcome addition

  • Tim
    Core Development Team
    201 Posts

    Re: Moving to Prototype 1.5 and other JS issues Link to this post

    Ajaxian has just posted a summary of Prototype 1.6

    This is big. Prototype 1.6 is a major upgrade, and the first RC has been released. There is a large number of updates and my pet favourites are:

    * The event system has been cleaned up. It now works the way you would expect, with “this” doing the right thing
    * You can observe and fire custom events on the DOM (a la Dojo)
    * Thanks to the custom events, DOMContentLoaded is normalized across browsers via: document.observe(”contentloaded”, function() { … })
    * AOP-lite: Simple interception and function currying
    * Function delay and defer: (function() { $(”form”).fire(”requestSent”) }).defer();
    * Ajax.Response: Now you can more easily work with JSON
    * DOM Builder
    * Template API: “#{last}, #{first}”.interpolate({ first: “Andrew”, last: “Dupont” })
    * Improved support for JavaScript 1.6 and WHATWG 1.0 standards

    Be sure to take a detailed look at this puppy.

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