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  • trabik
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    tree - ajax problem Link to this post

    Hi, can anybody help me with my problem please? On my site I used tree javascript utility to generate tree list of items. But there are many items so I need load them from DB with ajax. But if i do this (load some data and then build new list <ul id='tree'>..... ) this script doesn't work.. Maybe it must be refreshed after rebuild ul with JS DOM operations?? But how can I do it? If I generate <ul> with JS and not after ajax it works. Thanks a lot!
    this is sample code:
    function handle(xhr, json) // ajax handle function
    var tree = document.getElementById('treediv'); // this three lines don't work here
    tree.innerHTML = "<ul class='tree'>....   "; // (tree is generated but no 'recognized'
    appendLoader(autoInit_trees); // => there are not +- buttons, folder icons etc..

    function getData(par) // make ajax request
    var myAjax = new Ajax.Request('../getMarques',
    {method: 'get', parameters: { ... },
    onComplete: handle});
    // but if I put them (=three lines) here it's ok .... but I must use ajax to load data, how? ((

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