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  • stuart
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    Deployment to managed server Link to this post


    I am wanting to use silverstripe to drive a small website for my parents tennis club. After dowloading the windows installer and giving it a test drive locally it seems like the perfect solution (congrats to the silverstripe team for making an awesome installer). My question now is how do I deploy a site to a managed service, I am hoping to use a free or very cheap managed service for the site.

    From reading the docs it looks like you have to use an installer to get it up and running? I assume that I would need to get the managed service provider to run the installer? Is it possible to just deploy all the files to the server, make a couple of config changes, and run a few database scripts to get the site up and running? (Sorry if this is an ignorant question - but this is the first time I have used PHP - I am a .NET developer by trade).

  • mickymacmi
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    Re: Deployment to managed server Link to this post

    Basically you should be sweet just to grab the PHP files and upload them to a PHP web server (e.g. a cPanel webhosting server) then just make a few config changes.... I've had nothing but trouble moving my SilverStripe site from a folder (whilist I was designing it) to it's new home at my domain name.

  • stuart
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    Re: Deployment to managed server Link to this post

    Thanks mickymacmi

    After posting i realised that the php install does pretty much what I wanted anyway, quite neat having a website that builds itself. I managed to get SilverStripe up and running on a free HostingDirect.co.nz site, although took a bit of mucking around. If anybodyelse is looking to install there here are a couple of hacks/steps I had to do to get it running:

    1) Create a folder with read/write permissions for the temp files and session
    2) Hack the core.php and change the temp file location to be someing like:
    define('TEMP_FOLDER', "/usr/home/<yoursite>/domains/<yoursite>.hostingdirect.co.nz/public_html/tmp");
    3) Hack the Session.php and install.php files, and add this before calls to session_start
    4) Allow read/write access to assets folder

    There were a few other files/directorys that needed the permissions changed, but these were the only ones i could remember.

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