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  • Tkop
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    Re: SilverStripe 2.1.0-rc1 Link to this post

    Trying to upgrade an existing installation(test) with data pages
    in it (a 2.0.2b installation) allows me to get to the data pages
    but not the CMS.
    I upgraded by copying cms, jsparty, and sapphire from a clean 2.1.0rc1
    installation. Then doing a db/build?flush=1 and a home?flush=1
    I get the error when attempting /admin (which is redirected to /Security/login
    and I never actually get the login page) and generates the error:

    Fatal error: Call to undefined method stdClass::allMethodNames() in /var/www/html/w/sapphire/core/Object.php on line 203

    However taking a clean 2.0.2rc2 installation, and upgrading it I
    can access the cms as normal.

    My installation was originally based off of 2.0.2b. I have tried installing
    a clean 2.0.2rc2 then overlaying the mysite, and assets from
    my 2.0.2b directory and restoring the database.
    That works (running as a 2.0.2rc2) to access data and cms.
    But then when I attempt to upgrade to 2.1.0rc1 from there, I have the same
    problem with accessing the CMS.

    It obviously is something to do with the database but I don't know what.
    I can point my updated installation code (2.0.2rc1) to the clean
    2.0.2rc1 database and it works to access the CMS (of course the formating
    is from my css and templates and I don't have access to my data since
    I'm pointing to a clean database).

    Since I have the problem in the login of the cms (since I can't get past
    that. I looked at the differences (my upgraded database and a clean 2.0.2rc1
    database) in the Group and Member tables. They match with the expected changes
    in dates, names, and passwords.

    Looking at sapphire/core/Object.php the error is coming from "addMethodsFrom",
    could this mean that there is a problem with a function in one of
    my code (page) extensions? Would that have not been caught in the db/build?flush=1
    or the access of the page (after flushing) but caught in the CMS initialization?

    Looking at some of the other comments, I built my installation from modifying the tutorial (so
    I didn't have Blackcandy). In the clean installations I installed with the blackcandy template.
    Could this be a possible cause?

    I've actually been having the problem with the daily builds from 7Sep and 9Sep as well.

  • Sigurd
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    Re: SilverStripe 2.1.0-rc1 Link to this post

    Andrew's patched most of these issues ... check it out.

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