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  • jorne
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    Re: URLs in subpages Link to this post

    Thank you Sean for your fast reply.

    I'm building a large site with 1000s of pages. I really like SilverStripe and the philosophy behind it.
    I went through the excellent tutorials yesterday and I like the simple way things are done. My big concern though is that I will run into problems later on serving a large site with such a young system. I do not know how the Sapphire framework compares with other frameworks such as Cake and CodeIgniter? I have tried to Goggle this without finding any good information.

    About the URL's it is not only an aesthetic question.

    In the URL example above, I want to have some clear logic to separate the country Sweden and the city Stockholm in the code/database.

    I believe that really makes sense for such a large site as I'm working on.

    Looking forward to getting your thoughts on this. There must be some sort of workaround for this?

    How do you get SilverStripe to create the URL this post has?

    Maybe I've got something totally wrong here?

  • grilldan
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    Re: URLs in subpages Link to this post

    I might be off topic for what your asking, but for:


    I'm pretty sure that is just standard for the the forum module.

  • Matt Hardwick
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    Re: URLs in subpages Link to this post

    May I ask what your reason is for having this feature?

    As was detailed in the other thread about this "problem":
    - The W3C says that / should be used
    - SEO is impossible without a /sub/page type structure
    - It doesn't make sense to have everything on the top level

    Imagine this;


    if everything was on the top level, there would be no distinction between which beetle was the car and which was the animal. Have something like /car-vw-beetle is ugly and doesn't meet what people or search engines expect from a site.

    In fact my site has dropped one result down on a search since implementing SilverStripe - with the content being almost identical - but the directory structure not being the same, so am pretty sure that this is the reason.

  • Sean
    Forum Moderator
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    Re: URLs in subpages Link to this post

    MattH: I'm aware of this problem, but was asking what the reason was for having this feature in order for jorne to use SS.

    jorne: The way the forum works is by specifying each action, for example "forums/show/5" - the 'forums' part of that URL is the controller, the 'show' is the action and the ID is '5'. This means that based on this URL, you can show forum ID 5 from the database.

    I'm not sure if this would appropriate, as everything is hardcoded - i.e there's no way to auto generate this scheme of URL at the moment based on the pages set up in the CMS site tree.

    There is a patch from grayzag to implement sub level URLs, but it's not quite finished yet. You can find more on this by checking out the ticket for sub level URLs in our open source tracker. http://open.silverstripe.com/ticket/2508


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