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  • Sigurd
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    Installation issues on MacOSX with Mark Liyanage PHP5 package Link to this post

    Andrew, can you have a look at installing SilverStripe on a Mac when using Mark Liyanage's PHP package for MacOSX? I was talking with someone yesterday who was running into installation problems to do with PHP settings.

    I don't think it has as high a usage as MAMP, but any improvement done to the installer to solve the problem would presumably fix problems experienced by others, too.

    By the looks of, the major possible problem would be that it configures php.ini with short_tags disabled. Other than that, check the memory limit...

    I wonder if a possible fix is just to include an .htaccess file with PHP flags fixing the above, and people can manually chuck that stuff in? You could even consider putting these sorts of flags in, uncommented? (I don't know if I'm happy with an .htaccess file with a whole bunch of directives in there already. What do others thing of that?)

  • Anonymous user
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    Re: Installation issues on MacOSX with Mark Liyanage PHP5 package Link to this post

    The Mark Liyanage packages are generally quite good, but they're not as isolated as MAMP. And it's quite easy to get yourself in a messy state if you're installing select dmg's.

    There's really nothing special in the SilverStripe sense about the Liyanage packages that makes it a different situation from any other. It's possible for a developer to have their system in state X, where state X is a combination of Apache, PHP, mysql that may have come from different sources. The one exception is MAMP in that MAMP is isolated under /Application/MAMP and requires just a few php.ini changes to get it to work w/SS.

    We have documented requirements and the installer attempts to do its best to figure stuff out. However, sometimes a developer may not have, say, GD compiled into PHP, which is a more serious issue (for SilverStripe) than just fixing a php.ini setting.

    What we'll do is update the installer and wiki documentation to point people in good directions if there are problems the installer can't deal with (such as suggesting people use MAMP), but I don't believe we should be providing Liyanage-specific anything.

  • Andy
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    Re: Installation issues on MacOSX with Mark Liyanage PHP5 package Link to this post

    I've fixed the installer so that it works with short_tags disabled, so that shouldn't be a problem anymore. But as Brian pointed out, theres a lot of variables that we can't account for. I've updated the server requirements wiki page with some more info, and the installer now provides a link to this page when it displays a configuration warning or error.

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