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  • Ingo
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    Merging branches/gsoc->trunk Link to this post

    as mentioned by siggy in a blog-post, we've merged most of the gsoc-commits into trunk. before merging, we branched off the pre-gsoc trunk to branches/2.1.0, which will be used to form the current release candidates.

    the "daily build"-checkout mentioned on our downloads-page was switched to use branches/2.1.0.

    if you want to checkout the "bleeding-edge" trunk to confirm your commits where merged in correctly, please use the following svn:externals:

    sapphire/ svn://svn.silverstripe.com/silverstripe/open/modules/sapphire/trunk
    cms/ svn://svn.silverstripe.com/silverstripe/open/modules/cms/trunk
    jsparty/ svn://svn.silverstripe.com/silverstripe/open/modules/jsparty/trunk
    ssopen/ svn://svn.silverstripe.com/silverstripe/modules/ssopen/trunk

    so far i've only reviewed code that was committed to sapphire/cms/jsparty, you might have received some trac-tickets with questions or comments in http://trac.silverstripe.com/gsoc.

    the currently merged revisions are:
    * sapphire: 41069
    * cms: 41070
    * jsparty: 40450

    apart from some inconsistencies with following coding conventions, 99% of the code produced during GSOC was of really high quality, and found its way into the core - so congrats to all your hard work!

    for any further development, please make sure to review our coding conventions at http://doc.silverstripe.com/doku.php?id=coding-conventions, and let us know where we can improve here. those conventions are pretty recent, so some of our own code doesn't follow it either, but we try to get at least all newly producded code adhereing to it.

  • Ingo
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    Re: Merging branches/gsoc->trunk Link to this post

    moved any status updates on merged revisions from the gsoc-branch to the wiki: http://support.silverstripe.com/gsoc/wiki/GSocMergeStatus
    (only accessible to ss-staff and gsocers, everybody else can just view the public revision-log on http://open.silverstripe.com)

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