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  • nbc
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    Need help with PHP/Menus Link to this post


    I could use some help getting started with some navigation issues.

    I am building a site at home - I think I can manage the personal pages and the navigation that goes with it. However, one link on the home page points to a sub-directory which is a group of pages related to my Aikido dojo. When someone goes to that page, I would like to have the navigation only show the Aikido sub-pages, with perhaps one link back to my home directory. I've been experimenting but I can't figure out how to make that happen (and I'm just learning PHP so this may be either trivial or impossible and I won't know which...)

    What I think the top level tree looks like is something like this:

    - My Background
    - Work page
    - other things...
    - My Kid's page
    - Other random pages, photo galleries etc.
    - Personal Link page
    - Aikido Home Page
    - Aikido - description
    - Class schedule
    - Photo Gallery
    - Aikido Links

    That isn't anywhere near accurate, but the structure is right. What I want to see when I'm in the
    personal section is the menus up the Aikido Home Page. When I go to the Aikido page and anywhere
    below it, I only want to see the Aikido menu items.

    Is this possible? Easy to implement? Can someone point me at some sample code or give me a hint as to what needs to be done to make this happen?

    Alternatively, can I set up the Aikido pages as a "separate" web site - one with it's own menus so that
    going to "www.mysite.com" gets my personal pages and "www.mysite.com/Aikido" gets the Aikido pages without any reference to my personal site. How would I go about organizing code/pages to make that happen - would that be an easier way to set things up?

    This is all new to me - any help, pointers or tips would be greatly appreciated.



  • nbc
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    Re: Need help with PHP/Menus Link to this post

    Note - in the original post -the indenting didn't show up - the links under the Aikido main page are sub-pages of the Aikido section, and the 2nd page through to the Aikido main page are sub-pages of 'Home'. Sorry about that...


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