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  • dio5
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    Forum code question about $form->loadDataFrom($member); Link to this post

    Looking at the forum code, in ForumMemberProfile.php there are the methods RegistrationForm() and doregister().

    I'm wondering what this is doing in the RegistrationForm() method:

    $member = new Member();

    Not sure what it does and why it is there... Imean I know what the first line does, but the member seems to be created in the doregister()-method anyway, so I can't understand why it is here and why loadDataFrom is needed, and what it is doing...?

    And another question.. sorry :
    a few times in the doregister-method I see


    But sometimes the 'die;' isn't there at all. Neither is 'die' used in the forms tutorial.
    When using this die-function in my form in the same way as in the ForumMemberProfile the redirectback doesn't seem to work either... it just dies before getting the chance to redirect.


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