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  • Dehru
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    Error Saving Content - Possible Date Issue On Windows Link to this post

    Hello, I think I found a bug that might be troubling some people when they're trying to develop locally on Windows.

    Basically, I get a "Error Saving Content" if I have a Date in the $db array, but no error if I have a Date in the $has_one array. This issue exists with Tutorial 2 as well with the ArticlePage.

    [code php]
       static $db = array(
          "Media" => "Enum('Artist, Writer','Artist')",
          "TalkingDate" => "Date"
       static $has_one = array(
          "BioImage" => "Image",
          "SpeakingDate" => "Date"

    If I leave TalkingDate in I get the Error Saving. If I remove it, no error. It actually saved the data but requires a flush to see it in the CMS.

    This all works fine in a Linux environment...but has caused me a few hours of debugging the issue so I hope to save others from the hassle.

    Again, if this is a real issue, this may stump people in tutorial 2.

    Windows XP SP2, PHP 5.2.4, Mysql 5.0.41, SS 2.0.2b, Firefox

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