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  • siulun
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    Cache question Link to this post


    I've done a bit of research into SS and it is very promising, but I have a question regarding how SS handles caching. From a dig around, I see the caches are not direct output caching based on the request URI rather - it seems to be "caching" the template file - which seems a bit pointless as the template files already exist (I'm looking at the tutorial page.ss cache and the page.ss template itself and it is pretty much identical), within the cache files there are many codes like this:

    $val .= $item->XML_val("Content",null,true) ;
    $val .= <<<SSVIEWER

    Do these functions call the database in order to pull contents out for a specific page? I would really like to know how the caching works in SS as the only thing that would be holding me back from using it is exactly that as it will not at all go down well with sites with moderately heavy traffic.


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