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  • dio5
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    Maps Module Link to this post

    Is this Maps-module still being developed?

    I noticed I got a few errors:
    - & gives errors where they should be & easily solved in the gmapField.php-file
    - creation of a div inside a span element when used as gmapfield in forms
    - creation of a label of which the target-element doesn't exist when used as gmapfield in forms

    Besides that the Map - Sattelite - Hybrid boxes are having some strange white square boxes below them... Fixed. Was a css-problem.

    Maybe I can read upon general setup guidelines somewhere...?

    Looks like a cool feature otherwise. I'm planning to integrate it in the site I'm (very slowly) working on. Members should be able to locate themselves on a map (more or less like in the forum) and they should be able to submit descriptions of interesting locations, where I'd also like to use google maps. I'm really keen on having a valid xhtml strict site though

  • dio5
    Community Member
    501 Posts

    Re: Maps Module Link to this post


    In order to get rid of the label with a for-attribute for a non-existing field, I changed something
    in the Formfield.php-file around line 247:

    what was:

    $titleBlock = "<label class=\"left\" for=\"{$this->id()}\">$Title</label>";

    is now:

    $titleBlock = $Type == "gmap"? "<span class=\"left\">$Title</span>" : "<label class=\"left\" for=\"{$this->id()}\">$Title</label>";

    It will make upgrading not so easy, but it's valid html now according to my firefox validator....

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