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  • philip142au
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    Use SilverStripe as a API from DOT NET? Link to this post

    Hi All,

    I wish to use SilverStripe as a back end to my simple front end CMS.

    Is there any way to use the functionality of SilverStripe as a API? Such as create a page, show history for a page etc?

    Another question, has anyone got SilverStripe to work under Phalanger http://www.php-compiler.net/doku.php?

    Thanks, Philip

  • Ingo
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    Re: Use SilverStripe as a API from DOT NET? Link to this post

    phew, theoretically silverstripe is divided into a core framework (sapphire), and an UI-layer building on top of it (jsparty/cms). as we're developing the two pretty much in parallel, the ties and interdependencies are stronger than we might like in some areas.

    meaning: you could use the controller/model part with custom rendering, but you'd still have to worry about things like form-rendering/handling which is naturally tied between the layers.

    a .NET-frontend would certainly be an interesting thing to see, but i doubt that using a script-based php-framework tailored towards CMS outweighs the advantages of having a native .NET-MVC-framework (quick googling got me: sprint.NET, maverick.NET, openSEAL)

  • rusty
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    Re: Use SilverStripe as a API from DOT NET? Link to this post

    I appreciate the candid response. I havea dotnet app and desire an api based content management system.
    There are two native dotnet Open Source CMS projects that look promising:

    Both have their own merits. The former being a mature CMS platform with vibrant community and an API, the latter being no more than a provider pattern based object model with significant capabilities and limitless flexibility (its just a content domain model with configurable providers)

    I've been experimenting with both and am currently using Eucalypto because of stringent, dynamic and complex url rules that my website has.

    Good luck

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