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  • Cowgoesmoo
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    Moving existing site to a new server - Help? procedure? Link to this post

    A previous admin has installed SS for our website and its working great.

    However I now need to move it to a new server and can't seem to get it to work.

    The old version is running on 2.0.0
    I have tried the following procedure with boh 2.1 and 2.0.0 with no luck.
    setup database -> install SS -> import database data -> copy in assests and mysite -> restart webserver.

    Basically I get nothing I can see that the mysite stuff is being read as the page template changes but I get no content.

    I have been trying various variations on the above I have been able to get it to fully work once. But only until I restarted my browers then I got "The page isn't redirecting properly" errors when ever I tried to go anywhere on the site while it tried to redirect to /security/login. (someone has also reported this with an upgrade.)

    Another error I get is "The websever has not been able to respond to your request." whatever that means.

    Any help would be fantastic.

  • Willr
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    Re: Moving existing site to a new server - Help? procedure? Link to this post

    Ive had major problems upgrading 2.0 to 2.1 as well I guess as there has been huge changes to this version of SilverStripe! Ive found with my personal sites just starting from a freesh 2.1 install, copy the code and templates/css/images into that. Get the new website working. Then import the content by hand from the old site. But luckily for me both sites were only 4-5 pages so its fairly simple

    The websever has not been able to respond to your request

    add Director::set_environment_type("dev"); to the _config.php in the mysite folder. This will not give you a blank page with that message but a nicer, redder error page which has something more useful

  • Cowgoesmoo
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    Re: Moving existing site to a new server - Help? procedure? Link to this post

    After posting that yesterday I basically decided to do what you have done as well.

    Still had a few issues though so will post them here.

    Coppied across all the assets and the folders out of the mysite. When i did that the default site lost all formatting and images it was just a white page with writing. Didn't know what was going on so after I read your post I went an editing into the _config.php file and found a wonderfull option


    I promply commented that out and now alls good.

    Then proceded to copy and paste all the content using two instances of the cms in IE6 one for to the old server and one for the new. Worked Great only took me about an hour to transfer all the info. Though it is only a pretty small site.

    Only problem with that part of things that I have found is that the Attachpage type is dead. You can't save it, tried in both firefox and IE. The best I could do was create a normal page change the name info etc save that then change the page type. But I was still unable to attach a file and publish it. I get a very non informative red "error saving" box in the bottom right of my screen. Am going to search the forum now for info.

    - As a side note the forum here doesn't seem to accept logins or registrations from firefox.

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