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  • puppyfam
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    SilverStripe Backup? Link to this post

    I just StumbledUpon SilverStripe last night and I'm really excited about using it. However, the lack of a backup utility bothers me. I know how to backup the database, but I'm not sure what settings to use (for example, when backing up Wordpress, I've been told by the Wordpress documentation to use setting such as "'Add DROP TABLE'," and "'Add AUTO_INCREMENT' " in phpMyAdmin).

    What's the best way to backup SilverStripe?


  • Willr
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    Re: SilverStripe Backup? Link to this post

    Yip! thats pretty much the easiest way to backup. Go into phpmyadmin, select the database, export -> select all tables -> select 'Add DROP Table' (Add AUTO_INCREMENT should be selected by default) and then select 'Save a File'.. it also helps to gzip it.

    Also Sam has been working on a static exporter which exports the whole site as a static site, which could be used to make backups of a site so in the event of something crashing you can easily get the site back live quickly while you fix it

  • Ingo
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    Re: SilverStripe Backup? Link to this post

    with silverstripe being a normal web-app, you don't need a specific backup-utility.
    a mysql-dump and full copy of the webroot should be enough, and that's a task for the sysadmin, not the web-app but yeah, i've put a "best-practices:backup" documentation page on my todo-list

  • Ark
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    Re: SilverStripe Backup? Link to this post

    I'm interesting in static site exporter. I think it'll be useful to site owners with several pages -- no need to have MySQL nor PHP, no server performance overhead.

    Maybe just use wget --mirror and don't bother

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