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  • PhilB
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    XHTML 1.1 Validation Link to this post

    Hi Guys

    I'm in the process of building my first site using SilverStripe (nice work, by the way - by far the least irritating CMS I've tried so far ) and I'm having some problems getting my BlogEntry page to validate.

    See: http://www.phil.dj/welcome/ and hit the Valid XHTML icon at the bottom.

    (Yes, I know my CSS needs a major tidy up (lots of unused or unnecessary duplication/overrides of classes) - at least it validates - this was a port of a design from elsewhere and I only started on this site yesterday so it's a bomb-site at the moment)

    It's complaining about the <rdf:RDF> xml tags. I switched to blackcandy, and it still complains, so it's not my template. I've googled on this but I can only largely find technical references simply talking about the rdf tag rather than people with this problem.

    I tried validating one of the blog posts on silverstripe.org and got largely the same errors.

    Is this simply a limitation of the w3 validator when referring to additional namespaces? Should I change out the rdf xml for the meta equivalents if I'm obsessed over the validator giving me a green light?

    Thanks for any help or advice.


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