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    (Resolved) - Graphics in blogpost summaries linked to homepage Link to this post

    I know that it's possible to display summaries and links to blog posts from multiple blogholders on the homepage, but does the homepage have to also be a blogholder?

    The problem I am having is with blog posts that contain graphic images. The blog posts and their images display correctly in their respective parent blogholders, but are showing blank lines instead of graphics when the summaries and links are on the homepage.

    I tried looking at the blogholder.php and .ss files to see if I could figure out what was making the summaries display differently, but I wasn't able to see anything obvious. (That's obvious for a person with limited php) Then I wondered if the problem was just that I was using the wrong page type.

    Given the choice, I would prefer to display the summaries on the homepage without graphics. Not all of the blog posts have a pic, and it would be a lot cleaner if all of the summaries on the homepage were consistent.

    So, does the homepage have to be a blogholder to correctly display a blog summary containing graphics or do I just need to find a snappy piece of code get the page to display the blog summary without inserting lines in place of the graphic?



    It was a code issue. I forgot to rename some of the placeholders when I placed the function in the HomePage.php file. The end result was that it was managing to display the right content, it just wasn't displaying it correctly. I'm not entirely sure that my fix actually corrected my problem, but it did answer the question of whether or not the home page had to be a BlogHolder to correctly display article or blog entry excerpts. The answer is no, the homepage does not need to be an ArticleHolder or BlogHolder to display excerpts from articles or blog entries.

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