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  • dizzystuff
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    Doubled up widgets in latest SS-2.4 & Blog-0.4 + Blog Mod Feedback Link to this post

    Hi All

    Normally with new installations when I've had the widgets double themselves up on BlogHolder Widget tabs (in the CMS) I've been able to fix the issue as per http://silverstripe.org/archive/show/222610#post222610

    However I'm now using SilverStripe /branches/2.4 [rev 105726] and Blog/tags/0.4.0 [rev 105888] - and this no longer seems to be the fix.

    A couple of things..

    a] How can I fix this doubled-up widgets issue with the latest version of the Blog module?

    b] If I have the Blog module installed but no BlogHolders currently in the Site Tree, it creates one everytime I run a /dev/build/! Can this be stopped, without having to change the module's core files? Maybe a switch in the _config.php for the mod? ... Not a show stopper for me now that I've added some BlogHolders, and I don't think there's any config switch at the mo but it's a pain in the butt to be sure so maybe it's less of a question and more of a request/suggestion

    Btw.. it's great to see there's active dev going on with the Blog module. TBH as it stands I see it as the weak link in my SS implementations, both from my dev p.o.v. and from my clients using the CMS. Just a little too buggy and the CMS UX for blog posts (posts in the SiteTree for eg) just not quite there yet - I find myself having to make excuses about the usability of the module to my clients. Between upgrades to the functionality of this module and the focus being put onto the CMS's frontend architecture by the SS team, I can't f**kin' wait for to see and be dev'ing with the result. Love it guys!

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