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    [Solved] Any workaround for fixing blog entry formatting on non-blog entry pages? Link to this post

    Elegant solution found here http://silverstripe.org/general-questions/show/13388#post298731

    - - -

    Just wondering if anyone has a creative way to fix the issue of using the blog module and displaying blog entries on another page, like the home page? I realize tutorial 2 covers how to display articles on another page, but in practice tutorial 2 doesn't actually work with the blog module.

    The issue, if you don't know what I mean, is this:

    There has to be a creative and easy work around without hacking the core as this post suggests:

    Possibly extending the blog entry page class and making that the home page?

    I know I can't be the only person here with this issue. I've implemented 5 sites in the past year using SS and every client has asked for this functionality and every time I have to explain that they can have that functionality, but they can't use any formatting in the first paragraph. That's generally been a negative conversation, overall. I'd like to find a non-hack workaround for this if possible.

    The funny thing is, SilverStripe's own site is plagued by this behavior. See attached screenshot of search results from the forum(which I assume is run with the blog module?).


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