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  • iadawn
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    Blog widget content missing Link to this post

    Hi All,

    I am a bit stumped with this one. I am doing a build using 3.0.1 and the latest Blog and Widgets modules. I had previously done this in 2.4.7 (iirc) and all was fine.

    The set up is to have a widget sidebar with an archive and tag cloud widget. When I first got this all set up there were no dates on the archive widget, which I couldn't understand. I did a bit of debugging and it turns out that the Dates function wasn't even being called. I even tried putting in a dummy function and calling that... no joy.

    Then I changed the order of the widgets in the Widgets area. On a reload, hey presto, archive dates. Wooo hooo! No tags. Booo!

    Swapped them round again, no archive dates, but tags back.

    To exclude the 'I have done something dumb' issue, I did a completely vanilla build and the same thing happens.

    The screenshot shows the two widget positions, I have chucked a couple of ':' into the widget template before and after the $Content.



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  • haantje72
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    Re: Blog widget content missing Link to this post

    i had it the same way. In the blog module templates/includes/blogsidebar.ss i have the total code replaced with:
       <% if Menu(2) %>
          <nav class="secondary">
                <% loop Level(1) %>
                <% end_loop %>
                <% loop Menu(2) %>
                <li class="$LinkingMode"><a href="$Link" title="Ga naar $Title.XML page"><span class="arrow">&rarr;</span><span class="text">$MenuTitle.XML</span></a></li>
    <% if LinkOrSection = section %>
    <% if Children %>
    <% control Children %>
    <li class="$LinkingMode"><a href="$Link" title="Ga naar $Title.XML page"><span class="arrow2">&rarr;</span><span class="text2">$MenuTitle.XML</span></a></li>
    <% end_control %>
    <% end_if %>
    <% end_if %>
                <% end_loop %>
       <% end_if %>   

    Then i installed the module widgets and added a widget to mysite/code/page.php as described in module widget.

    From the old install ive copied the old folder themes/blackcandy_blog and put it in the folder of the ss3.1 install themes.
    Renamed it after mytheme_blog (in my case simple_blog)

    ran an dev/build?flush=all

    In the CMS youve got an widgets tab where you can add the widget wich must be shown.

    With me works like a charm now.

  • cmc
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    Re: Blog widget content missing Link to this post

    I am able to repeat the same error. Archive or Tags only show content if they're the top widget in the list.

    Fix does not work. I'm guessing you have defined $MyWidgetArea in your mysite/code/Page.php ?

  • carlos
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    Re: Blog widget content missing Link to this post


    This issue should be fixed now.


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