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  • cmc
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    SiteTree vs DB inconsistencies with multiple BlogHolders in SS 3 Link to this post

    When multiple Blog Holders exist within a the site tree -

    Blog Entries appear in CMS Site Tree under the Holder to which they were assigned, but upon checking SiteTree_Live in the database the ParentID for these pages is actually a different BlogHolder. In this case, a completely different branch of the Site Tree. The Site Tree is something like this -


    -BlogTree 1
    --BlogTree 1a
    ---BlogHolder 1a-1
    ---BlogHolder 1a-2
    --BlogTree 1b
    <--- similar to BlogTree 1a --->

    -BlogHolder 2

    So, for example, Blog Entries added to BlogHolder 1a-1, show up in the correct place in the SiteTree in the CMS, but in the DB some have the ParentID of BlogHolder 2. I've tried numerous flushes to see if I can get the SiteTree to match the DB, but the inconsistencies persist.

    One, fairly simple solution would be to create separate Blog classess for BlogTree 1 node, but I'm wondering if SS3 and/or the Blog module is not intended to work with multiple Blog Holders or if this is a bug?


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