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  • Andy
    230 Posts

    Blog 0.2.0-rc1 Link to this post

    The first release candidate for version 0.2.0 of the blog module has been released. This version adds support for SilverStripe 2.3, as well as containing a number of new features and bugfixes. The full list of changes is below. Please help test the blog module and report any bugs that you find.



    • Blogs can now be configured to use HTML instead of BBCode
    • Tags now follow the rel-tag microformat standard
    • Blog module is now translatable
    • The entries shown on the BlogHolder when not browsing by date/tag can now be restricted to only show entries that are younger than a user specified age
    • The RSS feed name can now be changed in the CMS
    • Added support for receiving trackback pings
    • Added SubscribeRSSWidget for linking directly to the blog RSS feed
    • Tag widget title is now editable
    • Added empty relationship statics so BlogEntry and BlogHolder can be decorated by a DataObjectDecorator
    • Use pagination summary, so a full list of pages isnt generated
    • Added Date variable to RSSWidget feed items, so Date can be used in template if wanted
    • Cast Title variable on RSSWidget feed items, so Title can have Text functions called in the template if wanted

    • Removed deprecated calls to sapphire, and made other fixes to support sapphire 2.3.0
    • Don't use PHP short tags
    • Don't display $Content on a BlogHolder, as it isnt editable in the CMS
    • Prevent infinite loops when an RSSWidget on a blog points to itself
    • Fix URL segment generation
    • RSS feed is now sorted by date, newest first
    • Fixed pagination
    • Fixed summaries on BlogHolder
    • Fixed issues with display by month when blog post is on last month of the day
    • BlogEntry::Tags() was renamed to TagsCollection() to prevent conflicts with the database fields called Tags
    • Fixed invalid use of single quotes in BlogEntryForm HTML
    • Fixed extra <p> tags around blog content
    • Default parent needs to be a string instead of an array
    • Fixed escaping in BlogHolder
    • Use themedCSS instead of hardlinking paths
    • Fixed rss feed caching
    • Fixed archive widget showing months and years for unpublished posts
    • SetDate doesn't need to be called, as the date is automatically set

  • Hamish
    Community Member
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    Re: Blog 0.2.0-rc1 Link to this post

    Looking good. Is it fair to say that once this is out of RC we can call it version 1?

    Kinda sucks knocking around these low version numbers.

  • Andy
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    Re: Blog 0.2.0-rc1 Link to this post

    The blog module still has a lot of fairly significant code changes happening to it. Once the code base has stablised, and we are on feature parity with other popular blogging software, then it will be ready for a 1.0 release. Version 1.0 brings an expectation of the completeness of software that the blog module isn't quite ready for just yet.

  • dconel
    Community Member
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    Re: Blog 0.2.0-rc1 Link to this post

    Wow, that makes a difference!

    Just one question: I only want to see the first paragraph in the blogholder. Where do i have to put $content.firstparagraph?

    (sorry for my bad englisch, i'm dutch.)

  • Bibich
    Community Member
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    Re: Blog 0.2.0-rc1 Link to this post

    great job, but I have some troubles with the I18N.

    Some part are not translate (in french for me) like BlogSummary.ss even if there is the <% _t('POSTEDBY', 'Posted by') %> tag and the translation in fr_FR.php : $lang['fr_FR']['BlogSummary.ss']['COMMENTS'] = 'Commentaires';

    The comments section are not translate too.
    According to the documentation, we can collect text to translate wifth http://<mysite>/i18n/textcollector/?module=blog - but it doesn't work for me ?

    How can we participate ?

    Other problem. In the admin section I can't drag and drop widgets to the right part. I have no javascript errors and the ajax response seems to be ok.

    Thank's. Julien C.

  • Matt Hardwick
    Community Member
    61 Posts

    Re: Blog 0.2.0-rc1 Link to this post

    Whenever I try to add a widget to the right hand side, it just moves it back to the left... Any ideas what's going on?


  • prof
    Community Member
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    Re: Blog 0.2.0-rc1 Link to this post

    Missing Translations in BlogSummary.ss:

    I had the same problems like Bibich with the german translation, not all the given translations work. That's what I've figured out:
    The template BlogSummary.ss (in templates/includes) is beeing included from BlogHolder.ss (in templates/layout)

    If you change (for example) in the translation file:
    $lang['de_DE']['BlogSummary.ss']['COMMENTS'] = 'Kommentare';
    $lang['de_DE']['BlogHolder.ss']['COMMENTS'] = 'Kommentare';
    it works. That's the trick.


  • Bruce B
    Community Member
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    Re: Blog 0.2.0-rc1 Link to this post

    Just installed 0.2.0-rc1 on my dev server. All worked without a hitch. I use a custom blogholder.ss page, in addition to the layout - also transferred seamlessly.

    The only change I have made is on line 305 in blogholder.php - not reads:
    new TextareaField("BlogPost", _t("BlogEntry.CN"),20,60),
    The added parameter ,60 widens the content entry field to 60 characters. The current one is just too narrow for my taste.

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