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Simple Guestbook module


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10 August 2011 at 8:40pm Community Member, 63 Posts

*facepalm* alright got it :-) thanks for helping me out!! btw nice guitar ;-)


10 August 2011 at 8:46pm Community Member, 82 Posts

No problem :-)
Ok, visibility is bad on that pic: It's the Thunderbird bass I played on my last gig ;-)

To keep you all updated:
I've migrated my repositories to a Git instance on my own server, but still fighting with gitolite. Also had to rework my access/rights structure on the server. This is really time-consuming *sigh*
Work on the next guestbook release will continue at the weekend.

Kind regards,


11 August 2011 at 10:49pm Community Member, 13 Posts

Hi Mark,

My guestbook guests found a bug in the new verison that i have installed.

When the guests use windows XP with IE8, the color difference between two different messages isn't visible anymore.
This was ok with the previous version.

Can u take a look at this issue for the next version.




24 August 2011 at 10:57pm (Last edited: 24 August 2011 11:00pm), Community Member, 9 Posts

Hi Euphemismus,

I've got another couple of fixes and addons for this module...:)
Changes made:

  • -[minor] One of my clients requested the option to set the sender address of the receipt-email, as I think this might be useful for others, this change is included in the patches.
  • -[minor] the receipt mail is only sent, if the entry is "new" (didn't exist in database before)
  • -[minor] the mail has a better format, with the right names and text added, line breaks added
  • -[minor] the link to the new entry in the mail is now working
  • -[minor] the "id"-property has been added to the header link of each entry
  • -[minor] to enable this, a new method in GuestbookEntry, LinkId(), has been added
  • -[major] the Guestbook_Controller now implements PermissionProvider, to enable custom permissions:
    • -user is allowed to delete comments
    • -user is allowed to delete sub-comments
    • -user is allowed to add sub-comments
    • -user is allowed to change the state (mark as spam and activate) of a comment

    with this change, now the icons on the front end side of the guest book only show, if the user is allowed to view those icons...
  • -[minor] lang-files have been updated according to those changes...
  • -[minor] the method deleteCommentsByEntryID() in GuestbookEntryComment is now static, as there's no object context needed there
  • -[minor] checkPermission($perm) has been added in GuestbookEntryComment and GuestbookEntry because of restrictions of the template language (top.method(param) is not possible...)

I think that's all, albeit I might have missed something...

I hope those changes are useful to you, or someone else,

Best regards,

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26 August 2011 at 12:27am Community Member, 82 Posts

Hi s!m,

thank you (again) for the contribution!
I'll include these things as soon as I find time for the next release.
If you're interested in a developer access to my git server, mail me ;)
I've set up a server with ssh/private key auth.

Kind regards,


28 August 2011 at 11:14pm Community Member, 9 Posts

Hi Euphemismus,

Sorry for answering that late, the gateway timeouts were keeping me from answering...

I'd be interested in a developer access, so I could check in my patches directly...:)

Best regards,


28 August 2011 at 11:52pm (Last edited: 30 August 2011 3:06am), Community Member, 82 Posts

Hi s!m,
no problem there - you can find my eMail address in the fileheaders ;-)
Just send me the public key and I'll send your the access data.

@all: If anyone else wants to contribute...
Also I'm just at working with the new git repository. This will also be included in the guestbook's module page.

// edit
I'm fumbling around with the BBCodeParser class and its smilie-functionality. This is really basic. Nothing too fancy with smilie configuration and stuff. Hardcoded array in the framework files. Thought this would be better than my idea, though. Means: I'll be fixing mine, now.

// edit²
A small preview: [url=]watch me[/url]
And s!m just joined me in development ;)

Kind regards,


30 August 2011 at 7:10pm Community Member, 82 Posts

About the missing background for the odd/even list elements: This seems to be a IE rendering bug, related to the famous "peekaboo".
I've not found the approprioate spot to fix it, yet.
Also focus for the default style is on IE8+ and the more modern browsers.