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Userforms + SIlverStripe 2.4


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17 May 2010 at 5:47pm Forum Moderator, 5511 Posts

smartinet - turn on dev mode so you can see the actual error message and not the generic error page. See for how to put your site in devmode.


17 May 2010 at 5:50pm Community Member, 9 Posts

I get this:

[User Error] Bad RecordClassName '' and $baseClass not set
GET /admin/?isDev=1
Line 2705 in /nfs/c04/h01/mnt/59767/domains/

2696       foreach($records as $record) {
2697          if(empty($record['RecordClassName'])) {
2698             $record['RecordClassName'] = $record['ClassName'];
2699          }
2700          if(class_exists($record['RecordClassName'])) {
2701             $results[] = new $record['RecordClassName']($record);
2702          } else {
2703             if(!$baseClass) {
2704                user_error("Bad RecordClassName '{$record['RecordClassName']}' and "
2705                   . "\$baseClass not set", E_USER_ERROR);
2706             } else if(!is_string($baseClass) || !class_exists($baseClass)) {
2707                user_error("Bad RecordClassName '{$record['RecordClassName']}' and bad "
2708                   . "\$baseClass '$baseClass not set", E_USER_ERROR);
2709             }
2710             $results[] = new $baseClass($record);
2711          }
•Bad RecordClassName '' and $baseClass not set
Line 2705 of DataObject.php
Line 569 of Hierarchy.php

Line 693 of Object.php

Line 438 of Hierarchy.php
Line 416 of Hierarchy.php

Line 693 of Object.php

Line 159 of Hierarchy.php
Line 94 of Hierarchy.php

Line 693 of Object.php

Line 516 of LeftAndMain.php
Line 168 of CMSMain.php
Line 369 of ViewableData.php
Line 445 of ViewableData.php
Line 322 of
Line 392 of SSViewer.php
Line 342 of ViewableData.php
Line 483 of LeftAndMain.php
Line 369 of ViewableData.php
Line 445 of ViewableData.php
Line 59 of
Line 392 of SSViewer.php
Line 202 of Controller.php
Line 134 of RequestHandler.php
Line 147 of Controller.php
Line 283 of Director.php
Line 127 of Director.php
Line 127 of main.php

I'm currently looking through this: to try to resolve as it appears it has dropped records from my DB.


17 May 2010 at 6:06pm Community Member, 9 Posts

And I'm officially lost. I can't find any missing ClassName values in any number of tables I have queried.

Can you provide any further assistance or do I need to scrap this install and start all over again? This was a public site.


17 May 2010 at 9:29pm Forum Moderator, 5511 Posts

Hmm the common tables to check for blank classnames (it could be any) but have a look at SiteTree, SiteTree_Live and File as the main ones but yea it sounds like somehow you lost a class somewhere along the way. Did you have any other modules installed? Did you upgrade from 2.3 or was this a 2.4 site to start with?


17 May 2010 at 10:24pm (Last edited: 17 May 2010 10:39pm), Community Member, 9 Posts

The original environment was 2.3.6 with userforms 0.2.0. No other modules were installed.
I upgraded to 2.4.0 with no issues, apart from 500 server errors when editing forms through the CMS. I then tried 0.2.1 which didn't work either, then loaded r103514 which caused the CMS errors, then as a last ditch effort I tried r104941.
dev/build/?flush=1 was run after each change.
I have now manually gone through the tables and see the missing fields for the pages that were related to userforms. I also noticed a number of tables were renamed to obsolete_??? which seems odd. I fixed the fields, but still no joy.
Oh and of course, I completely removed userforms and rebuilt, however that seems to have no effect.


30 January 2012 at 11:22pm Community Member, 5 Posts

Dear Memebers,

I have a big spam problem with my userform. Somebody send me the whole time spam mails. I saw that you have an update on userforms (Version 4.0) with captcha.

I’d like to update my old userforms (version from 2009) with silverstripe 2.3.3.? Is that possible too update this version? Could you explain in easy steps what I have to do?

Can I overwrite it the userforms folder on the ftp server and later I rebuild the database (/dev/build). Should I have too rebuild the forms again? That would be bad.

Please help me with infos!