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success fully using sIFR?


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3 June 2010 at 1:22am Community Member, 103 Posts

I am using the trunk r70896 version of the [url=]sIFR module[/url] and have it working well enough to display text using the font i'd like, but I'm having a really hard time changing the style.

Sifr::replace_element('claritty', '.claritty', "'.sIFR-root {color: #000000; bgcolor: transparent;}'");

this line will work to change the colors as shown (I had to hack a little code to change the wmode property to transparent), but I can't figure out how to change link colors. Also, the flash text is vertically aligned to the top of the flash movie space and actually cuts off the top few pixels of the font. Not a total deal breaker for me since a T still looks like a T and not an l, but I imagine with some fonts it could look wrong.

Can anyone offer suggestions?


5 June 2010 at 8:46am Community Member, 103 Posts

OK, I figured out how to handle the css portion of my problem by adding comma separated css properties and values to the last parameter of the Sifr::replace_element function, but I'm still facing the issue that the top few pixels of my font are being cut off. Changing the height and/or line-height of the element does not help--the font is always vertically aligned to the top with the pixels missing. Can I somehow fix this in the javascript? I've looked at it, but the changes I've made don't seem to have any effect.

Also, when the css is set so that the flash replaced text looks good, the printed text is WAY off. Can anyone tell me how to resolve this? There is an @media print section in sifr.css but adding values to that section has no effect on the printed text.