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Customtranslations not adding custom translation


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22 June 2010 at 4:35am (Last edited: 22 June 2010 5:13am), Community Member, 10 Posts


I've just installed Customtranslations and I was trying to add a custom translation using the 'Create Custom Language Translation'-button but when I click the 'Add'-button, nothing happens.

Although clicking the plus-sign near an already existing translation, editing the values to match the same values entered when I clicked the 'Create Custom Language Translation'-button, and then clicking the 'Add'-button works. Is this suppost to work this way or is the 'Create Custom Language Translation'-function just broken?



22 June 2010 at 5:24am (Last edited: 22 June 2010 5:24am), Community Member, 10 Posts

Okay I've found the problem and I fixed it.

The problem occurs in the CustomTranslationValidator class where it checks for 'OriginalTranslation'. But that value doesn't exist when creating clicking the 'Create Custom Language Translation'-button.
Since the whole function depends on that value it will never return true nor will it display.

Here's the edited method:

   function php($data) {
// Set value to true unless set otherwise below
$valid = true;

      if (!parent::php($data)) return false; // required fields failed.

// do we have a OriginalTranslatio value? If not, why continue validating? ;)
if (isset($data['OriginalTranslation'])) {
      $origTokens = $this->getTokens($data['OriginalTranslation']);
      $newTokens = $this->getTokens($data['Translation']);

      // determine if they are the same
      $valid = count($origTokens) == count($newTokens);

      if ($valid && count($origTokens) > 0) {
         // Counts are the same, so iterate over both arrays and ensure they are compatible.
         for ($i = 0; $i < count($origTokens); $i++) {
            // @todo This requires an exact match. For example, %10d and %d won't match, but should.
            if ($origTokens[$i] != $newTokens[$i]) $valid = false;

      if (!$valid) {
            _t('Form.FIELDSIGNATUREMISMATCH', "The value substitution tokens in the new translation must match the tokens in the original translation string"),

      return $valid;


25 June 2010 at 8:31pm Community Member, 78 Posts

Hi. Thanks for that. I will have a look at integrating that back in :-)



26 June 2010 at 4:56am Community Member, 10 Posts

No worries, glad i could help :)