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Newsletter module: How to Unsubscribe




16 October 2010 at 2:56am Community Member, 1 Post

Hi I am using SS 2.4.2 and the latest release of the newsletter module (0.4.0rc).

Now when I go to the /newsletter/ subscriptionpage and enter a email adress that is already registered Iam getting a user error:

[User Error] Uncaught ValidationException:
POST /newsletter/Form

Line 627 in XXXXXXXXXXXXX/sapphire/security/Member.php

618             'Member',
619             sprintf(
620                "\"%s\" = '%s' %s",
621                $identifierField,
622                Convert::raw2sql($this->$identifierField),
623                $idClause
624             )
625          );
626          if($existingRecord) {
627             throw new ValidationException(new ValidationResult(false, sprintf(
628                _t(
629                   'Member.ValidationIdentifierFailed',
630                   'Can\'t overwrite existing member #%d with identical identifier (%s = %s))',
631                   PR_MEDIUM,
632                   'The values in brackets show a fieldname mapped to a value, usually denoting an existing email address'
633                ),


* Member->onBeforeWrite()
Line 936 of DataObject.php
* DataObject->write()
Line 234 of SubscriptionPage.php
* SubscriptionPage_Controller->doSubscribe(Array,Form,SS_HTTPRequest)
Line 300 of Form.php
* Form->httpSubmission(SS_HTTPRequest)
Line 137 of RequestHandler.php
* RequestHandler->handleRequest(SS_HTTPRequest)
Line 155 of RequestHandler.php
* RequestHandler->handleRequest(SS_HTTPRequest)
Line 147 of Controller.php
* Controller->handleRequest(SS_HTTPRequest)
Line 199 of ContentController.php
* ContentController->handleRequest(SS_HTTPRequest)
Line 67 of ModelAsController.php
* ModelAsController->handleRequest(SS_HTTPRequest)
Line 281 of Director.php
* Director::handleRequest(SS_HTTPRequest,Session)
Line 124 of Director.php
* Director::direct(/newsletter/Form)
Line 127 of main.php

After searching about this issue Ive found this topic [url][/url]
and tried to unsubscribe by goin to /unsubscribe/index/ but now I run into the same problem mentioned in the other topic.

Is there any fix for this problem or is there another newsletter module that I could use instead?
Maybe I just forgot to install another module that is needed by the newsletter module but I was searching for a while now and didnt find an "up-to-date" documantation or other useful stuff.