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YouTubeGallery and 2.4.2


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28 March 2012 at 6:13pm (Last edited: 28 March 2012 6:53pm), Community Member, 5 Posts

WOW, I was trying to get the prettybox(need to get the youtube videoID) working with the youtube service module, I used your code and it works pefect for me :) Thankyou so much, martbarr! :)


31 March 2012 at 2:39am (Last edited: 31 March 2012 2:47am), Community Member, 21 Posts

This is not working for me.

I am kind of confused, I installed SS on a test site and this worked fine, now I am duplicating this site for production and the Youtube service installs fine but when I go to Save and Publish the page I get 'Validation Failed'.

I even copied the old install into my new site but still the same. I have tried mattbarr's code also.

I believe there is nothing outside of the youtubeservice folder to configure to get this working - am I right or have I missed something?

I am using the Blog module with both sites.


3 April 2012 at 3:45am Community Member, 34 Posts

A validation failed error when creating the page usually means that there is some sort of conflict or possibly a duplicate variable. Are both sites running the same modules? I would remove the youtube folder and run a /dev/build?flush=all and then reinstall and see if you get the same error. If so, there may be something in the module that is conflicting with something else you already have installed. But, yes you are correct. The module is stand alone and should require any other modules to run. My guess is that there is probably some need to check the jquery dependencies and make sure you aren't calling it twice. I believe the module calls jquery and it may conflict with the newest version of SS. I honestly haven't played with this in a while.


11 April 2012 at 5:28am Community Member, 21 Posts

Thanks for the tips, I have deleted the module then re-installed after flushing - just the same.

There is very little info on this module, very little in the readme. I think you could be right I have a conflict somewhere...........


13 June 2012 at 1:21am Community Member, 28 Posts

Hi all, sorry to bump this into the world's longest running thread, but it still seems the most relevant place for my question! I am now running ss 2.4.7 and youtube gallery 0.2 with all Jeramie's tweaks mentioned in this thread and [url=]here[/url] but I have no lightwindows! Chrome and IE just open the videos full screen and FF brings up an open/save swf file dialogue. :-( . All the right js and css files (with no duplicates) seem to be included but Firebug console is showing an error with the youtube gallery prototype.js: "Component returned failure code: 0x80070057 (NS_ERROR_ILLEGAL_VALUE) [nsIDOMXPathEvaluator.evaluate]" from line 1264: "var query = document.evaluate(expression, $(parentElement) || document, null, XPathResult.ORDERED_NODE_SNAPSHOT_TYPE, null);" Any thoughts appreciated as I don't know enough about js to even know if this error is related to the problem :-S

Thanks all!


13 June 2012 at 3:46am Community Member, 34 Posts

To be honest, I am not sure what those errors point to, but it seems like there was no a clean install/uninstall somewhere. I am attaching a working version of the module from a 2.4.5 install that I am using. The css may be off from the original, but otherwise it should be working fine. I just tested it on a fresh install and didn't have any problems.

Attached Files

13 June 2012 at 4:58am (Last edited: 13 June 2012 4:59am), Community Member, 28 Posts

Thanks for the fast reply Jeramie! I did the following:

  • downloaded your zip
  • deleted my existing youtubeservice folder (which seemed to delete okay)
  • ran a dev/build (the youtubegallery page type was removed from the classname list, although the YouTubeGallery and other db tables remained, I guess as I had a couple of youtube gallery pages - not sure if this is okay?)
  • upoladed your youtubeservice folder (all files appeared to upload successfully)
  • dev/build

The classnames had disappeared from my existing youtube gallery pages in sitetree and sitetree_live so I re-added them directly in dbplumber. The two pages display fine, and it is clear that the css etc is a little different, but still no popups - same situation as before where IE and Chrome open the video full screen and FF brings up an open/save dialogue :-(

Should the youtube gallery related tables have been dropped on uninstall? I wonder if something is being retained that shouldn't be.

Thanks for your help with this Jeramie.


13 June 2012 at 5:05am Community Member, 34 Posts

I am not sure the tables should matter, but when you do an inspect element on the video on the page, what does your code look like? Mine looks like this

<a params="lightwindow_width=640,lightwindow_height=390,lightwindow_loading_animation=false" href=";f=playlists&amp;app=youtube_gdata" class="lightwindow">
                              <img src="" alt="" width="100" height="80">