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Postale - additional member field search - how to


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2 April 2011 at 5:00pm Community Member, 74 Posts

Hi All (but specifically UncleCheese),

Hoping you might be able to help me out here.

I have extended the Member class to include a fair few additional fields (code posted below). Basically I am building a site for long-term traveling families (or nomadic families) like me called

Each family will be able to create a Family Profile on the site. I then display the profile etc.

I have also installed the Postale module so that families can DM one another. At this point I have one member account per family so I don't really use the FirstName field, but instead use the additional field AccountNickName.

I would really like for the facebook style search functionality to look into this field as well at the FirstName, LastName and probably also a couple of other fields like TwitterAccount, Website, MothersName, FathersName.

I'm not super at digging so deep into the code base but I saw a comment that I think might help me, but I don't really know how to use the information and hoping you might be able to give me a bit of direction.

/postale/code/MessagesPage.php - Line 26.

Thanks in advance for any advice you might have.


    * @var string A filter clause for the members search. For more advanced functionality,
    * use {@link getSearchableMembers()} in a decorator
   public static $members_filter = null;

class Family extends DataObjectDecorator{
   function extraStatics(){
      return array(
         'db' => array(
            'AccountNickName' => 'Varchar(50)',
          'TwitterAccount' => 'Varchar(15)',
      'FacebookProfile' => "Varchar(100)",
       'RSSFeed' => "Varchar(100)",
       'Website' => "Varchar(100)",
       'MothersName' => 'Varchar(15)',
       'FathersName' => 'Varchar(15)',
       'WhereAreYouFrom' => 'Varchar(150)',
       'HowManyChildren' => "enum('One on the way, 1 Child,2 Children,3 Children,4 Children,5 Children,6 Children,7 Children, 8 Children, More than 8 Children')",
       'AgeOfYoungestChild' => 'Varchar(50)',
            'AgeOfEldestChild' => 'Varchar(50)',
       'NorthAmerica' => 'Boolean',
       'CentralAmerica' => 'Boolean',
       'Caribbean' => 'Boolean',
       'SouthAmerica' => 'Boolean',
       'MiddleEast' => 'Boolean',
            'IndianSubcontinent' => 'Boolean',
            'SouthEastAsia' => 'Boolean',
            'NorthEastAsia' => 'Boolean',
            'AustralasiaAndPacific' => 'Boolean',
            'WesternEurope' => 'Boolean',
            'EasternEurope' => 'Boolean',
            'Africa' => 'Boolean',
       'TravelStatus' => "enum('Dreaming, Planning, On the Road, Finished')",
       'TravelDuration' => "enum('less than 1 month, 1 month, 1-3 months, 3-6 months, 6-12 months, 1-2 years, indefinite')",
       'DepartureDate' => 'Date',
            'WhenWillYouFinish' => 'Date',
       'TravelBudget' => "enum('Super Budget ( < than \$50/day), Budget (< than \$100/day), Medium (\$100 - \$200/day), Luxury ( > \$200/day)')",
       'WhatDoYouWantToAchieve' => 'Text',
       'FamilyInfo' => 'Text',
       'GreatestFear' => 'Text',
       'Enabled' => 'Boolean',
         'defaults' => array(
          'TwitterAccount' => '@'
         'has_one' => array(
'FamilyProfileImage' => 'Image',


2 April 2011 at 7:08pm Community Member, 74 Posts

Just incase anyone cares, I just hacked & bastardised UncleCheeses code to get things working the way I wanted them to work.

The code now displays a new caption, searches on a new set of fields and works beautifully.

A very very big thank-you to UncleCheese for coding all of this up...