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mobile module: redirecting to a specific page




1 July 2011 at 2:10pm (Last edited: 1 July 2011 2:18pm), 126 Posts


I made a small change to the mobile module because I prefer that links to a specific page should be redirected to the same page under the mobile subdomain, so something like should redirect to (not to the default

Mainly because if I get a link by email or through another page I would end up on the home page, not on the actual page the link should go to.

It's an easy fix. In MobileSiteControllerExtension, method onBeforeInit add $this->owner->RelativeLink() to both redirect functions.

return $this->owner->redirect($config->FullSiteDomain . $this->owner->RelativeLink());

Or, if you also have modules installed that use the 'Action' and 'ID' URL parameters (such as the Image Gallery, e.g. ) you could add the code in green:

    * Override the default behavior to ensure that if this is a mobile device
    * or if they are on the configured mobile domain then they receive the mobile site.
   public function onBeforeInit() {
      $config = SiteConfig::current_site_config();
      $URLParams = Director::URLParams();
      if ($this->owner->RelativeLink() != '/') $url_params = $this->owner->RelativeLink();
      if ($URLParams['Action']) $url_params .= $URLParams['Action'].'/';
      if ($URLParams['ID']) $url_params .= $URLParams['ID'];
      if ($URLParams['OtherID']) $url_params .= '/'.$URLParams['OtherID'];

      // Redirect users to the full site if requested (cookie expires in 30 minutes)
      if(isset($_GET['fullSite'])) {
         $_COOKIE['fullSite'] = 1;
         setcookie('fullSite', 1, time() + self::$cookie_expire_time);

      // Redirect to the full site if user requested
      if($this->onMobileDomain() && !empty($_COOKIE['fullSite']) && $config->MobileSiteType == 'RedirectToDomain') {
         return $this->owner->redirect($config->FullSiteDomain . $url_params);
      } elseif(!empty($_COOKIE['fullSite'])) {
         return; // nothing more to be done

      // If the user requested the mobile domain, set the right theme
      if($this->onMobileDomain()) {

      // User just wants to see a theme, but no redirect occurs
      if(MobileBrowserDetector::is_mobile() && $config->MobileSiteType == 'MobileThemeOnly') {

      // If on a mobile device, but not on the mobile domain and has been setup for redirection
      if(!$this->onMobileDomain() && MobileBrowserDetector::is_mobile() && $config->MobileSiteType == 'RedirectToDomain') {
         return $this->owner->redirect($config->MobileDomain . $url_params);

There may be a more 'pretty' solution, but for me this works.