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Images uploaded from MultipleImageUploadField as e-mail attatchment




21 February 2012 at 9:43am Community Member, 18 Posts


I've got a simple form with MultipleImageUploadField for the frontend.

function Form(){
      $fields = new FieldSet(
         new TextareaField('About', htmlentities('Über dich')."<span class=\"require\">*</span>", 8),
         $images = new MultipleImageUploadField('Pics', 'Bilder (Bitte Name in der Datei angeben)', array (
            'sizeLimit' => '2097152',
            'buttonText' => 'Durchsuchen..',
            'queueSizeLimit' => '5',
            'auto' => false,
            'upload_on_submit' => true
      $actions = new FieldSet(
         new FormAction('doSubmitApplication','Bewerben')
      $validator = new RequiredFields(
      $form = new Form(
      return $form;

   function doSubmitApplication($data, $form){
      $application = new Application();

The uploaded images should be attatched to a mail. I send the mail in the Application class in the function onBeforeWrite(). In the function I use this function.

protected function sendEmail(){
      $body = "
      $from = Email::getAdminEmail();
      $email = new Email(

How can I get attatch the images from the Application class?