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Translatable 3.1 duplicate related dataobjects (onTranslatableCreate)


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Nobrainer Web

7 February 2014 at 11:05pm Community Member, 135 Posts

For my module Content Blocks:
i would like to handle translations in a simple way.

What i would like to do is, when a page is translated
- duplicate all the many_many Blocks of that page
- change the relation for the Block from page in old language to page in new language

I have seen that there is some kind of hook in on the translatable class: "onTranslatableCreate", but how do i use this, to do the above?

I'm guessing i have to add something along the lines of the following to my

   public function onTranslatableCreate() {
      $pageblocks = $this->owner->Blocks();
      foreach($pageblocks as $orgBlock) {
         $block = $orgBlock->duplicate(false);
         $block->ParentID = $duplicateWidgetArea->ID;

But the function onTranslatableCreate does not get called.

Any help greatly appriciated :o)

Nobrainer Web

10 February 2014 at 3:09am Community Member, 135 Posts

Ok i figured it out, the following does the job.
Shared for future visitors, hope it helps.
Added this to my class ContentBlocksModule extends DataExtension (extending page)

   * Simple support for Translatable, when a page is translated, copy all content blocks and relate to translated page
   public function onTranslatableCreate() {
      $translatedPage = $this->owner;
      // Getting the parent translation
      //$originalPage = $translatedPage->getTranslation('en_US');
      print $this->owner->default_locale();
      $originalPage = $this->owner->getTranslation($this->owner->default_locale());
      foreach($originalPage->Blocks() as $originalBlock) {
         $block = $originalBlock->duplicate(true);