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Image Gallery Extension: Testers Needed


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Shawn Parr

12 March 2009 at 8:38am Community Member, 60 Posts

When I upload the files, they are immediately uploaded into the site/assets/uploads/ folder rather than the site/assets/image-gallery/{page name}/Default-Album/ folder. This is before I save the page or open Files&Images. I check by looking in the folder on the server directly.

That never seems to change, just where the page is referencing the files. It seems the CMS view is referencing cropped/resized versions in the site/assets/_resized/ folder, but when I leave and come back it either can't find them, or they have been removed.

If I create a new album, let's say 'bob', and upload there, then the files end up in site/assets/image-gallery/{page-name}/Bob/ with a _resized folder in there for the thumbnails.

So when just using Default it doesn't upload to the correct place at all, and it seems weird that the preview would work. After going to Files & Images it seems to set the ImageGalleryPage right so that it can't see the files since they are in the wrong place.


12 March 2009 at 8:46am 4085 Posts

So after saving the ImageGalleryPage for the first time, what does your assets structure look like? at that point, you should have assets/image-gallery/New-ImageGalleryPage/Default-Album.

You should get all of that on the first save without adding any albums or photos.

Is all of that created and it's just the adding photos that puts them in the wrong place?

Are you on a Mac? If so we can set up a screen share in iChat and I can take a look. You've really got me wondering, here.

Shawn Parr

12 March 2009 at 8:48am Community Member, 60 Posts

Yes, all the folders are created properly, it is just uploading to the wrong place. So all the new folders are there, but empty.

And yes I am on a Mac and iChat-able. Feel free to email me at parrs at nsula dot edu


13 March 2009 at 10:09am (Last edited: 13 March 2009 10:10am), 4085 Posts

Many thanks to Shawn for being the one of the most committed and informative beta testers I've ever worked with. He's managed to shore up some pretty significant bugs, and his penchant for breaking stuff should not go unrecognized.

Make sure you all are updating your SVN frequently. Lots of good stuff happening!


14 March 2009 at 3:12am (Last edited: 14 March 2009 3:16am), Community Member, 4 Posts

Hi everyone!

I've got a little problem with this module.

If you click on an albums, it only shows a white page.

It works quite well, as long as you don't use any albums.

I haven't found a solution to this in this thread here, anybody out there who knows how to fix this?

Shawn Parr

14 March 2009 at 3:22am Community Member, 60 Posts

I do not have that issue. My albums appear fine, although I did run across lightbox and lightbox alt not working when I have multiple galleries.

When you create a page with only one album, the images all appear properly, and you get your chosen lightbox functionality?

Personally I would start looking in the image_gallery/templates/ folder to see if something didn't get transfered properly. Especially if you tried to modify anything, make sure your text editor is able to save UTF-8 without a BOM. I've ran across some weird issues with either UTF8 with BOM, or some template files being UTF8 and others being in other formats. Especially try to avoid Macintosh style line endings. I use TextWrangler for my editing, and it has convenient drop down menus on the bottom of the window to set all that.


14 March 2009 at 3:24am 4085 Posts

Sounds like a syntax error on your end. Turn up your error reporting and find out what's going on.

Additionally, I would..

1) Make sure you're on the latest SVN version.
2) Compare your results to the gallery at That site is always on the latest version.
3) In your mysite/_config.php, add Debug::send_errors_to(''); and see if SS is throwing an error.
4) Make sure you have all your image sizes set in the Configuration tab. I've had users leave those with null values which results in a fatal error.

Ultimately, I really think you need to crank up your PHP error reporting to find out what's going on, though.


14 March 2009 at 9:02am Community Member, 4 Posts

well, all sizes are set :)

SS don't send me an error-mail

php-settings cannot be changed since i'm not the provider ;)

u can see the same problem when usind the blackcandy-template.

the gallery and the two other module were checked out last night, so this should be the latest version :|