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Easy installing for UserForms


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16 March 2009 at 6:33am Community Member, 7 Posts

I am just started using silverstripe. Now I'm trying to install UserForms module. I successfully installed it by extracting the downloaded file, renaming it to userforms then placing it to the root folder, then build the database by dev/build.

So far I am successful to that point, but I cannot understand the next steps said from

Can someone give a step by step procedure on where and what file should we edit?

like >> edit this file, (root/folder/file.php), then add $Form << well, somehow like that ^^


16 March 2009 at 1:24pm (Last edited: 16 March 2009 1:25pm), Community Member, 131 Posts

Hi, welcome.

If you're using the default BlackCandy-theme it's pretty easy: all is said and done...

If you're using your own (custom) template, do this:

1) edit this file (themes/YourTemplateName/templates/Layout/, then add $Form (most of the time you will add it below $Content, but that's up to you ;-) )
6) edit (if you want to) the default e-mailtemplates in userforms/templates/email
7) _config.php is referring to mysite/_config.php

Changing the default validation message can (if I'm not mistaken) be done in sapphire/javascript/lang/YourLanguageFile.js

Hope this helps. Working trough the tutorials will help you understand the SilverStripe (templating)structure ( - at least tutorial 1 and 2) . They're imo pretty clear compared to many other CMS's. It helped me alot in my own search for the $Form-tag and many other tags and functions.


18 March 2009 at 3:56pm Community Member, 7 Posts

Thanks theAlien.. just like what I understood on template editing..

But I think the problem I'm having is with the CMS interface. I wonder if there is something else I need to edit... or perhaps it is not yet compatible with the 2.3.0 version??


18 March 2009 at 4:03pm Community Member, 7 Posts

Okay. Never mind.. I think I was so stupid to expect I will see the form tab immediately.

The answer to my problem is to actually just add a new page that is a user defined form... Sorry, for my stupidity. I was just too excited I guess :P