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Extend Userforms


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17 June 2014 at 9:04pm

I'm after a tutorial / advice on how to extend userforms and use updateEmailData rather than edit line 985/990 of UserDefinedForm.php

$emailData = array(
      //'RegisteredOffice' => Page_Controller::RegisteredOffice(), adding this here would be easy
      "Sender" => Member::currentUser(),
      "Fields" => $submittedFields

$this->extend('updateEmailData', $emailData, $attachments);



mysite -> _config.php

Object::add_extension('UserDefinedForm_Controller', 'MyUserDefinedFormExtension');

mysite -> code -> MyUserDefinedFormExtension.php

class MyUserDefinedFormExtension extends Extension {
   static $allowed_actions = array(
function updateEmailData($emailData, $attachments){
      $attachments = null;
      $testp = "i am testing";
      //UserDefinedForm_Controller::$emailData = array("TestPass" => $testp);
      $emailData = array("TestPass" => $testp);
      //echo "update called".$emailData['TestPass']."";
      return $emailData;
} (email template)

TestPass: $TestPass

If I move TestPass into the emailData array in UserDefinedForm.php it works.
updateEmailData is being called though on MyUserDefinedFormExtension.php as if I print it shows the TestPass variable


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24 June 2014 at 2:13am

In case it helps anyone else

mysite >_config.php

Object::add_extension('UserDefinedForm_Controller', 'MyUserDefinedFormExtension');

mysite > code > MysUserDefinedFormExtension.php

* An Extension to the UserDefinedForm submission process
* @package userforms
* Reasoning:
* 1. do not touch source code of userforms module.
* 2. I want to pass data which is captured via the functions in my Page_Controller into the template
      eg <% loop RegisteredOffice %> $Adddress1 <% end_loop %>

Mysite > _config.php contains the following to register this Extended Class
Object::add_extension('UserDefinedForm_Controller', 'MyUserDefinedFormExtension');

class MyUserDefinedFormExtension extends Extension {
   private static $allowed_actions = array(

   public function updateEmailData($emailData, $attachments){
      $attachments = null;
      $registeredoffices = Controller::curr()->RegisteredOffice();
      $footericons = Controller::curr()->getAllFooterIcons();
      $NewData = $emailData;
      $NewData["RegisteredOffice"] = $registeredoffices;
      $NewData["AllFooterIcons"] = $footericons;
      $emailData = $NewData;
      $this->emailData = $NewData;

   return $this->emailData; //return emailData
   public function updateEmail($email, $recipient, $emailData){
      $emailData = $this->emailData;

also at