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MultiForm & Mollom?


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15 April 2009 at 9:13pm Community Member, 3 Posts

Has anyone got it working, I have got the Multiform module working with 2 steps, and i have the mollom module working (on another form) working correctly so i know both modules seem to be installed correctly.

I cant work out how to get the mollom/spam protection module to update the form. With the following code in my FirstMultiFormStep.php file (mysite/code) I can get it to block spam/ask the user to enter the captcha, but the captcha will never show.

$protector = SpamProtecterManager::update_form($form, 'Message');
if($protecter) $protecter->setFieldMapping('Title', 'Content', 'Name', 'Website', 'Email');



16 April 2009 at 1:27am (Last edited: 16 April 2009 1:34am), Community Member, 279 Posts

Have you set up the _config.php correctly?
If you miss the second line your form will always be provided with a captcha, for mollom doesn´t validate any field.


16 April 2009 at 12:10pm Community Member, 3 Posts

I think i have the config correct, what exactly do you mean about the second line?

It works on individual forms, but on multiform if i dont enter any text it will say 'sorry rejected as spam', if i enter some text then it says to enter the captcha, but the captcha wont show - i think because the spamprotection module cannot update the $form.


16 April 2009 at 5:57pm Community Member, 279 Posts

The mollom-Module doesn´t show captchas from the start. It validates the input and then decides weather this is spam or not. In case it is spam suspicious the user gets a captcha. The second line of the code defines the fields that should be validated:
if($protecter) $protecter->setFieldMapping('Title', 'Content', 'Name', 'Website', 'Email');
I´m not a pro, but when I deleted that line I always had a captcha from the start.
Maybe this hint could be of any use for you, for your problem was that you never had any captcha.