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26 May 2009 at 9:55pm (Last edited: 27 May 2009 1:27am), Community Member, 121 Posts

I'm pretty much new to the hasmanyfilemanager module so I did all the instructions in the documentation and it worked quite well although I had to edit the template files for the module to include the navigation, header, footer and sidebar. Now I just have a question, does the module just show files attached to the page or does it also allow the viewers to download the files? Coz my page does nothing but show the files attached but no link is given. It just shows a list of images with their respective titles. Can anyone help?

Here is a screenshot:

Another problem which I face, on the admin side the file manager is pretty wacky. I can't manage my files well with this:

Is there a patch to fix this or should I format it myself?

Any piece of advice would be greatly appreciated, thanks! :)


27 May 2009 at 1:27am (Last edited: 27 May 2009 1:27am), 4085 Posts

This forum is for the DataObjectManager and its related modules. This should be posted in the "All Other Modules" forum.

While you're here, I would check out the FileDataObjectManager, since it does the same thing as HasManyFileManager only with more features.


27 May 2009 at 1:59am (Last edited: 27 May 2009 2:01am), Community Member, 121 Posts

Oh ok, thanks. I guess I'll just replace the hasmanyfilemanager with the dataobjectmanager. Problem is, I can't find the module. I see the installation notes but can't find the link to download the module itself. I tried Google but nada, just the installation notes. Can anyone point me towards the module? thanks.


found it. Had to search for it manually in the modules page.


27 May 2009 at 2:32am Community Member, 121 Posts

Hey UncleCheese, thanks for the advice earlier, I just have a few questions if you won't mind me asking. I installed the dataobject module including the swfupload and ran the dev/build. After which, I was assuming that a new page type would appear in the CMS admin but I saw nada. I tried to read the documentation and it all showed that we had to write code? Do we need to?


27 May 2009 at 2:57am 4085 Posts

No. The DataObjectManager is not a page type. It just gives you a new CMS field.

You can refer to the Code Examples sticky for some demos on how to use it. Works just like a CTF.

Also, most users are using SVN. I don't update those ZIP files very often, so to be sure you're on the latest version, SVN works best.


27 May 2009 at 1:16pm Community Member, 121 Posts

Ok, I wouldn't wanna go that deep, I just need a simple file manager. Thanks for the help though UncleCheese.

Can anyone assist me with my first problem?


27 May 2009 at 2:12pm (Last edited: 27 May 2009 2:14pm), 4085 Posts

Simple? It couldn't be simpler.
new FileDataObjectManager(
array('SomeField' => 'Some Heading')

If you're not looking to write code, ou could pretty much just use the "ResourcePage" example line for line.

Not telling you what to do or anything, but DataObjectManager is a very well-supported and well-tested module with its own support forum. If you're looking for something that is simple and works, I'd recommend giving it a shot. Most HasManyFileManager users moved over to FileDataObjectManager, and you may have a hard time getting support.


28 May 2009 at 1:20pm Community Member, 121 Posts

I'm relatively new to Silverstripe so I'm pretty much scared to write some code. I'll check out the documentation, thanks for all the help cheese. Cheers.