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Event Calendar BUGS

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14 August 2009 at 4:55am (Last edited: 14 August 2009 5:02am), Community Member, 131 Posts

There might be a few bugs in Event Calendar:
1) If "all day" is ticked, it still shows up as "No" in the DataObjectManager/ComplexTableField
2) Even if an EndDate is specified, in the DOM/CTF the EndDate column still shows the StartDate

(using revision 66)

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14 August 2009 at 5:16am 4085 Posts

Just fixed the first one. As far as the second one, the calendar needs an end date to work with, so a single day event has the same end date as a start date. If you don't fill it out, it will do that for you. The model will not allow it to be null.


14 August 2009 at 11:54am Community Member, 131 Posts


For the second one: I meant the following:
Entered in the popup is:
Startdate = 14 august
Enddate = 15 august

But shown in the DOM/CTF is:
Startdate = 14 august
Enddate = 14 august


14 August 2009 at 12:14pm 4085 Posts

Can you replicate the issue on I'm not seeing it.


14 August 2009 at 10:33pm (Last edited: 14 August 2009 10:36pm), Community Member, 131 Posts

unfortunately no :(
but even in revision 69 it still exists (see screenshots)

might it have something to do with me using the european dd-mm-yyyy format, while the bluehousegroup-install is using mm-dd-yyyy?

there is also another (rather unimportant) difference: in my install time defaults to 01.00, while in the bhg-install it defaults to 7.00pm (which also points me to this format-issue)

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14 August 2009 at 10:54pm Community Member, 131 Posts

BTW I just discovered a pretty big bug in the recurring exceptions tablefield.
Clicking Add Recurring Exceptions throws an alert saying: "Calendar.setup: Flat specified but can't find parent."
The newly added line can't be edited nor deleted (clicking the cross gives a blue ss-errorscreen)

However, repeating events is a feature I'm planning to disable until it's possible to limit the repeat-string to a certain period, which off course is an off topic feature request ;-)


15 August 2009 at 12:35am 4085 Posts

That tablefield for exceptions needs to go. I'll probably move this whole thing over to DOM.

You should absolutely be able to set a span of time for a recurring event. If an event happens every Monday in June, just set the event start date to June 1, and the end date to June 30, and set up recursion for every Monday.

Again, if that doesn't work, please replicate it on the demo site.

As far as 7PM goes, that has to do with the UNIX epoch (Jan 1, 1970). If no time is specified, a timestamp will be an even number of days from the UNIX epoch. For those of us in GMT -4:00, it was 7:00PM on Dec 31st at that time. Those of you in Europe (probably +1 GMT, I'm guessing) got it at 1AM Jan 1st.

For date formatting in the CMS, use CalendarDateTime::set_date_format('dmy') (should default to that). Also DatePickerField::set_date_format('dmy');


15 August 2009 at 2:10am (Last edited: 15 August 2009 2:22am), Community Member, 131 Posts

- span of time: thanks for your help on that one. I read something about it elsewhere, but neither topicstarter nor I were able to do what you suggested (probably because we were focussing on the exceptions tablefield, wishing it would end the series). Now I know how it works... just finding a way to communicate it to the other users - it would be nice if the checkbox only showed up if there was selected a timespan in the date-DOM, or even nicer: if the whole bunch of fields was incorporated in the date-DOM (in order to be able to make multiple series, so that the exceptionsfield wouldn't be necessary anymore)

- 7PM: nice history lesson. I now remember reading that somewhere else a long time ago

- dateformatting: don't know why, but it's already set to the 'right' format - however in order to get a right transition from test to production I'll set these variables. (edit: oh, now I know why, it's already in _config.php)

but still: the enddate column on the demosite shows the right behaviour, but I can't replicate it on my own testserver. Any idea's why??? ([url][/url])

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