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Windows Vista Theme

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20 December 2007 at 10:41am (Last edited: 21 December 2007 8:34am), Community Member, 11 Posts


I have developed a theme based on Windows Vista as part of the Google Highly Open Participation contest.

I would be grateful for any feedback, comments, suggestions and improvements regarding this theme.

Thank You.


20 December 2007 at 11:03am Core Development Team, 201 Posts

Good start but the background image is far to large at 285.52 kB, you should be using something which is a 10th of this size.


20 December 2007 at 11:09am (Last edited: 20 December 2007 11:09am), Community Member, 48 Posts

Looks nice Ryan well done....

The default paragraph font on the home page is way too small...

Don't forget, were not all 17 :)))))

cheers, Dave Porter


20 December 2007 at 11:43am Community Member, 11 Posts

I did take into account the size of the background image, my justification was that it would remain in the cache so the user would only have to download it once when they viewed a website.

I will see if I can cut it down.


Yes the default paragraph is too small. I will have to fix that, but first 17 year olds still need to sleep.

Thank you.


20 December 2007 at 10:59pm Community Member, 11 Posts

I have increased the size of some of the text.

I hope this makes it better.


21 December 2007 at 12:32am 8 Posts

Great theme, I have modded it to have a ubuntu background and it works great :)


21 December 2007 at 4:21am (Last edited: 21 December 2007 4:26am), Community Member, 20 Posts

I like very much this theme, but i agree with Tim, the background image is too heavy ^^

What do you think about putting this one, it's the same but with less quality to be lighter only 89,6kb

Or this one 100kb


21 December 2007 at 7:47am Community Member, 11 Posts

Thanks I will use the backgrounds in the theme straight away.

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