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New Theme - The BookStore << CLICK >> Check this out!

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9 January 2008 at 9:16pm Community Member, 149 Posts

Hello everyone!

SilverStripe just got a new layout!
It was converted from this, and you can check the new theme here: [url=]<< CLICK >> DOWNLOAD[/url]

I'm open for your suggestions on improving the bookstore style ;]


9 January 2008 at 10:04pm Forum Moderator, 628 Posts

Looks great so far. I've not looked at the HTML for convention nor validity, and have only a few small suggestions to make. I'm using Firefox on a Mac;

* Make Menu2 items indented and underneath the main menu item, as their current location is hard to spot.
* The CMS Login box drops to the bottom of the page and has an out of place colour scheme. You could solve this merely by changing the background of the box to white.
* It doesn't seem to display blog widgets. Change the left hand news area to be these. With the ecommerce module, the shopping cart should be here.
* The current menu1 item should stay selected when you're on that page/section.
* The URL to your theme is incorrect; it says khaki-kraze currently ;)

* The font used by modules and content area seems to be larger and varies all other the place. You'll notice the look feels much tighter when only 3 or 4 font sizes are being used on a page, with almost all of the copy being the same (in other words, the other sizes are for headings, intro text, footers, etc). An example is the main forum page when viewed with your theme.


9 January 2008 at 10:10pm Community Member, 149 Posts

about the menu2 and the widgets: I thought about developing a second theme with the second menu and the widgets on the left. However, I have changed my mind now - It will be better just to correct it in this one
thanks for your suggestions, I'm going to improve the mentioned elements as fast as I can ;)



10 January 2008 at 7:14am Community Member, 149 Posts

Here is the latest release of the style:
[url=]( download )[/url]

* menu2 is located under the menu1 item
* The CMS Login box is styled as much as it can be and it drops down no longer
* the widgets are displayed properly on the left side
* the current menu1 element is highlited
* the url is now corrected and it points to the right website that is under construction :]
* the fonts are standarized on the whole website

I hope that you all like it,
I'm waiting for more feedback!



10 January 2008 at 9:21am Forum Moderator, 628 Posts

This is a big improvement. All I can see is that the front page of the shopping cart still has your old style menu, and the shopping cart contents are not in the widget area.

Have you added document icons (See GHOP task notes).

Will, can you look over it for HTML/code/structure correctness?


10 January 2008 at 10:44am (Last edited: 10 January 2008 10:45am), Community Member, 149 Posts

the cart is now moved to the left and the icons are included



10 January 2008 at 10:49am Forum Moderator, 5511 Posts

Hi Wojtek! Looks good, sure different to every other theme! But I have a couple points..

from a design view.....

* On the blog module the widgets are repeated twice, once on the side and once at the top.

* same with the ecommerce module, the shopping cart is at the top of the right hand column, It would work better on the left under the menu.

* staying with the ecommerce page, its got a bit of blue and white from the old blackcandy styles. It might look better if you change it to something more alike to your theme

* forum page - I would make the currently online font smaller and change that so it doesn't take up as much room as it does now and get rid of the white bg

onto the coding side a couple points, It looks really good (one of the tidiest themes ive seen) but ......

* SilverStripe has html conventions. - basically #IDs are UpperCamelCase and class's are lowerCamelCase. Its not a major issue but just a note if you do any more themes that ids should be Upper.

apart from that the CSS looks fairly tidy and its indented and commented. Just watch out in you keep your indenting correct, you have over indenting a few things. nothing major just looks better and more professional and makes it easier to read for people who use it

Good work on the theme! Once you have submitted it to and it gets approved I will close your task!


10 January 2008 at 11:25am Community Member, 149 Posts

As for the shopping cart and widgets, as far as i see you must have not flushed the site - after the latest version upgrade it looks ok (see the screenshot that I have provided on :) ).

Sorry for the naming convention - I didn't realise it and now it would be very hard to change it... but I have made the code look as clean as I could so it shouldn't be a problem for the users.

* I have removed the blue element (the "no image" image :d) from the e-commerce
* The who's online fonts are now smaller

Now you can close, I'll keep improving the theme and promoting it viaa the polish silverstripe support ( that we will start soon :)


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