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default URL schemas


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4 February 2008 at 12:59pm Community Member, 94 Posts

I must apologise for how slow I am this morning. It feels like I need a holiday to recover from the weekend :) So I am sorry if my question makes no sense.

On opening the CMS, and entering into the Content> Meta Data tab, there is a a label of URL and underneath a textfield, of which only part is editable. The uneditable part contains The editable part is empty.

When I extract the Silverstripe folder on the server, it extracts to a folder called silverstripe-v2.2.1. Now, that is in direct conflict with the URL schema directly input through the CMS (as mentioned above). Does Silverstripe automatically deal with this?

Also, if I create a new folder, eg. CMS, in the public_html root, and place the tarball into the CMS folder, it then extracts out so that access to the CMS itself is akin to this:

I wouldn't want visitors to see such an ugly URI, I would much rather it appeared as suggested in the CMS itself, .

Does Silverstripe handle this all by itself, or do I need to help it along with a mod_rewrite command?



6 February 2008 at 1:12pm Community Member, 94 Posts

Let me rephrase my question:

Through the CMS, it appears that the URL will be, however, when you install the CMS under a sub-directory and check out the published page, it instead appears as

How do I make the URL appear as through the CMS? Do I need to mess about with mod_rewrite?


6 February 2008 at 1:59pm Community Member, 167 Posts

Well, you don't need the 'silverstripe-v2.2.1' directory, you can have the contents of that directory in whatever directory you like. Or is that not what you meant?


7 February 2008 at 5:40pm Community Member, 94 Posts

How do I extract and/or install Silverstripe without the default Silverstripe directory?


7 February 2008 at 5:54pm (Last edited: 7 February 2008 5:55pm), Community Member, 167 Posts

Well, for instance, you just extract the silverstripe-v2.2.0.tar.gz on your desktop and (s)ftp the contents of the then created silverstripe directory into whatever directory you want on the server... does this help you or are we talking about different things perhaps?

So, if you just copy the contents of the ss folder into then the CMS would work from within testdir...

(edited for spelling)