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SilverStripe 2.2.2-rc2


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14 March 2008 at 12:20pm 230 Posts

The second release candidate of SilverStripe 2.2.2 has been released. Please test so we can make SilverStripe 2.2.2 as stable as possible :)


Changelog since SilverStripe 2.2.1:

New Features
- Translations
- Added Translations for LOLCAT
- Added Translations for Esperanto
- Added Translations for Sinhalese
- Added Translations for Finnish
- Added Translations for Danish
- Ability to translate newsletter

Developer Tools
- Added more unit tests
- Added Makefile so that you can execute 'make test' in sapphire
- Added SS_DEFAULT_ADMIN_USERNAME/PASSWORD defines to conf/ConfigureFromEnv.php
- Added missing
- main.php: Moved _ss_environment.php include to very top
- ArrayLib
- Added in_array_recursive() for recursively checking an array with nested arrays
- Controller
- Improved allowed_actions support for subclassed controllers, such as CMSMain extends LeftAndMain
- Allow use of on controller extensions
- DataObject
- Added hasDatabaseField()
- DataObjectSet
- Implemented equal values
- Date
- Added TimeDiffIn()
- Email
- Changed email encoding from iso-8859-15 to utf-8, in compliance with other parts of SilverStripe and IMC recommendations
- ErrorPage
- Added all the types of error pages (ErrorPage.400,401,403 - 417,500 - 505)
- File
- Updated AssetAdmin to use TreeTitle() in place of Title for tree generation
- Updated TreeTitle() to allow use of alternateTreeTitle() in decorator
- Updated File to allow the insertion of extra columns by decorator
- FileUploadField
- Added ability to customise which folder a file is uploaded to
- Folder
- Moved folder admin form to Folder::getCMSFields() to let you more easily manipulate the form with a decorator
- Form
- Added added setFields()/setActions()
- Group
- Added canEdit(), which can be used to filter the SecurityAdmin group list
- HTMLEditorField
- Added paste plain text and paste from word buttons
- Added 'anchor' option to link inserter
- Image
- adding "delete" class to DeleteImageForm()
- Member
- Added $notify_password_change - now sends an email to the member
- Added BaseHref() to Member_ChangePasswordEmail so that the email shows the domain name of the current subsite
- Added Member->SetPassword, a field that lets you have a write-only password field
- Used Member->SetPassword to create a password column on the MemberTableField for SecurityAdmin
- Send 'changed password' emails when a user is first created as well as edited
- Added $searchable_fields in preparation for a more generic search implementation, currently limited to Member.php and MemberTableField.php
- RSSFeed
- Make RSS feed work with objects that don't support AbsoluteLink, such as the forum
- Security
- Added support for password and old_password encryption mechanisms if you're using MySQL
- SiteTree
- Made breadcrumbs delimiter configurable
- Added simple to-do list facility
- Don't let people create a page name that is the same as a class name
- Moved CMS page-disabled logic into SiteTree::CMSTreeClasses(), so that it can be more easily customised for specific sites
- Versioned
- Added database indexes for AuthorID and PublisherID
- ViewableData
- Added $SecurityID for templates
- Added escapeTypeForField() to determine if the record-field needs escaping (currently only 'xml' supported)
- Added title attributes to the SilverStripeNavigator messages
- Added $casting for BaseHref()

Bug Fixes
- Sapphire
- Better handling of memory limit
- Fix locale files on Windows
- More solid ID-detection in Member::php()
- ComplexTableField:
- added $popupClass to avoid duplication, getting basedataclass for existing children in DetailForm() (in case we're dealing with different subclasses)
- fixed getParentIdName() call in DetailForm() - paramter-order was wrong
- better checking in saveComplexTableField() to avoid PHP-notice
- Fix title and description in RSS feeds
- Fix interface translations in CMS footer
- DataObject:
- fix for quering database for child elements when it hasnt been serialized
- Remove HAVING clause from methods where it doesn't make sense to have them
- Fix caching in DataObject::get_one()
- Take orderby clause into account when caching in DataObject::get_one()
- Removes having clause as it can't be used
- Fixed DataObjectSet::insertFirst() - it now uses a numeric key rather than null
- TestRunner: Ensured that the autoloader pulls in the test class
- Database::createDatabase() shouldn't need any arguments. Fixed this in the core class and MySQLDatabase
- Debug: Fix stack trace on objects that don't extend the Object class
- SapphireTest.php: Fix YAML many_many/has_many relationships
- HasManyComplexTableField: set $template and $itemClass to public (according to parent implementation) and fixed formatting
- Email: Fix attachments that could not be emailed from mac or windows systems
- Use lighter version of browscap.ini
- Added ArrayLib::is_associative()
- Allowing object-parameters in DataObjectSet and ArrayData, added ArrayData::object_to_array()
- Allow insertion of <img> tags that refer to external domains and add alt= to any images that don't have alt tags
- Show the saved value of EditableEmailField.SendCopy
- ManifestBuilder: Fix building manifest before database is created
- HTMLText.Summary: Don't close img and br tags
- Don't fail in i18n::include_by_class if the module isn't translatable
- Database: When removing a value from an enum, set affected rows back to the default
- Fix DataObjectSet constructor breaking with associative arrays
- Make ContentNegotiator send XHTML to the W3C validator
- Image: Fix attaching an existing folder to an ImageField
- TableField:
- when no source items found, the table should still show and it should works as adding new records
- renamed $wantDefaultAddRow to $showAddRow
- Form: removed Form::dropDatalessFields()
- Refactored Member::session_regenerate_id to make it easier to disable in some circumstances.
- Deprecated use of DBField 'Text' for saving HTML-Content (added check in HTMLEditorField->saveInto())
- Make Security::get_encryption_algorithms() a dynamic function again.
- Fix sorting in complextablefield
- Added sapphire/conf/ConfigureFromEnv.php for making use of _ss_environment.php
- SelectionGroup: Fix for bug that initialises with preloaded selected items with right hide/show
- Fixed fatal error due to browscap.ini capitalisation error
- Allow many-many complex table fields to be used on the reverse side of the join (belongs many many)
- Fix incorrect text boxes on many-many complex table fields and relational complex table fields being set on an ajax request
- BasicAuth: Fixed illegal reference to this
- Image: locking down URLs: image/iframe, image/flush, image/transferlegacycontent
- RelationComplexTableField: fixed "object not found" error in ie6
- ImageField: compressed layout to fit in CTF-popup (removed "click here to remove" label), removed iframe-borders for IE
- RelationComplexTableField: added check if sitetree exists otherwise IE broken with all genericDataAdmin panel
- ComplexTableField: updating form in ctf-popup after saving (including validation-errors and fields that have may changed on the serverside, e.g. ImageField?)
- fix PageView's recording of referrers.
- File: fix upload folder
- Fixed seamonkey browser recognition in browscap.ini
- ComplexTableField: fix sql error on comments section
- fixed i18n::get_owner_module() calls on classes with _s
- Fixed ManifestBuilder execution in restrictive openbasedir environments
- Removed clone behaviour from Form::Fields()
- Object: Added object caching methods
- Make DataObject::write() call the recursive write on components, even when the dataobject itself hasn't changed
- fix ComplexTableField caching
- ManifestBuilder regex
- Debug: Supress disabled errors on live site
- Allowed subclasses in ComponentSet::add/remove
- added extra security on Controller ( checkAccessAction() )
- Member: Used Object::create() to create email instances sent by the system.
- Object, Versioned, Hierarchy: Allow selection of folder when inserting files / images
- AjaxUniqueTextField: fixed sql-injection
- TableField: Removed use of deprecated TableField::setExtraClass()
- Group: Removed warning in group admin
- DataObject: fixed caching in getManyManyComponents
- DataObject: Fixed MySQL 4.1 support for situations where we are sorting by a group aggregation function and fixed notice level error
- Fixed bug with BasicAuth enabled on an old database, it was preventing you from visiting db/build
- DataObject: Fixed 4.1-sort-by-group-aggregate query rewriter for sort functions containing columns, eg, ORDER BY if(A,B,C), X
- Director: Small fix for session bugs on Lightspeed server
- DataObjectSets: cannot be iterated over multiple times concurrently
- fix to Installer: falsely claims modrewrite fails (mamp)
- Widget: fixed widget editor
- ComplexTableField: Fixed double-escaping of CTF popup page-navigation links
- ComponentSet: fixing bug with in-memory child objects not having their parent ID field updated via the ->add() method
- ComplexTableField: BUGFIX properly setting $childID in form for newly created items to avoid duplicates after subsequent saving (the form reloaded without the ID connection)
- TableListField: fixed csv export in MemberTableField by checking for valid database columns when building SELECT statement
- ComplexTableField: fix popup breaking after saving
- cmsmain_left: You can't reorganise pages without creating pages
- MemberTableField: Patch for more i18n strings
- Fix i18n errors
- UserDefinedForm: Fixed notice level error
- Bug in PageComments class (Security)
- Fix autocompletion in Security Admin
- Fixed the $hide_ancestor static on SiteTree? subclasses
- Fixed bug: Page class wasn't shown in add-page dropdown
- More memory-efficient version of admin/publishall
- tinymce.template: Added paste plain text and paste from word buttons to the HtmlEditorField in the CMS
- SideReport: fixed bug in todo list report
- Fixed 404 on spacer.gif
- Fixed context menus in CMS
- CMSMain: Added 'duplicate page and children' context-item in addition to 'duplicate just this page'
- GenericDataAdmin: Recover ExportForm for genericDataAdmin Which is needed for CRM CreateCommunication
- Added default
- Added SubscribeSubmission template to get subscribeforms to work
- SubscribeForm: Fix newsletter subscription form
- AssetAdmin: Disabled unused files list, as it uses way too much memory
- CMSMain->getNewItem now calls $this->extend('augmentNewSiteTreeItem', $newItem);
- Changed call to ViewableData::castingHelperPair to fix sort not being set by getNewItem
- Used Member->SetPassword? to create a password column on the MemberTableField? for SecurityAdmin?
    - Send 'changed password' emails when a user is first created as well as edited
- Updated core to allow for subsites restriction of filesystem: Folder::getCMSFields() is now responsible for generating the folder form.
- Folder::syncChildren() now exclusively uses DB::query() calls instead of DataObject::get().
- CMSMain: Fixed CMS bottom-navigation after publish, when using the subsites module (or other alternateAbsoluteLink implementors)
- SideReport: Fixed newlines in to-do report
- Javascript
- Improved the Behaviour.addLoader() method to play more nicely with tools
- tree.js: Fix bug when duplicating pages with reorganise enabled
- tiny_mce_improvements.js: Improvement to link-insertion logic when selecting text that doesn't have a link
- tiny_mce_improvements.js: Fixed default-setting for link anchor


14 March 2008 at 9:33pm Community Member, 787 Posts

Great !

Thanks for the hard work (again) guys !


16 June 2008 at 10:06pm Community Member, 46 Posts

-Added Translations for LOLCAT