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Installation Folder/Site Folder Change


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10 June 2008 at 5:14am Community Member, 17 Posts

Has anyone attempted to move the installation folder? I installed SilverStripe under the a subfolder called site and now I would like to move all of the files to the root of my web site. Any one see why I could not simply move all of the files out of the subfolder and move them to the root folder?


10 June 2008 at 6:32am Community Member, 17 Posts

I couldn't wait so I went ahead and moved the files over to the root of my webserver. I backed up .htacess and the /mysite/_config.php and re-ran the installation and then replaced these two backed up files and everything is back to normal.


23 July 2008 at 2:49am Community Member, 7 Posts

I'm also interested in this, what is the best or easiest prosedure to move whole site one folder up -> to the root?


10 August 2008 at 3:02pm (Last edited: 10 August 2008 4:04pm), Community Member, 16 Posts

"I'm also interested in this, what is the best or easiest prosedure to move whole site one folder up -> to the root?"

To move an installation, but use the same database, here's what I did...

0. backup old site
1. create a new database
2. do a fresh install in your new site, making sure it points to the new database. Then make sure site works as expected.
2. copy [old dir]/themes/[your theme] to new site
3. copy [old dir]/[site-specific dir e.g. "mysite"] to new site.
4. copy [old dir]/assets to new site
5. make sure your [new dir]/[site-specific dir]/_config.php points to your old database
6. make sure folder and file permissions are correct
7. run
8. run
9. delete the database created in your fresh install.
[edit] 10. If admin login doesn't work, delete records from members table in the original database. **
[edit] 11. run to reset user/pass to admin / password.

** Instead of #10-11 you could try using the ss "lost my password" link on the login page, but that didn't work on my local box.


10 August 2008 at 4:09pm Community Member, 156 Posts

you shouldn't even have to go to that much hassle.

your config file doesn't contain any directory information. Unless you plan to change your theme or your project folder.

check to make sure your RewriteBase in your htaccess file is pointing at the right folder and you should be fine.

Another thing to check is your folders have retained their write permissions with the move.

If you are moving the site from folder to folder on same host then the database will be fine.
The only time you will come unstuck is if you have put absolute links to content in your site.

remember to do a flush for good measure.