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Strange behaviour inserting images in CMS


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12 June 2008 at 3:49am (Last edited: 12 June 2008 3:53am), Community Member, 52 Posts

Hi all:

I´m using SS 2.2.1
If I add images to a page in CMS with Firefox there is not problem.
But if i add images to a page in CMS with IE, there is an XML error in the resulting page(we can see it, opening the page with Firefox. See ErrorXML_1.jpg).

As you can see in ErrorXML_2.jpg, the error is produced because the editor inserts strange JavaScript code.

Someone has the same problem?

thanks in advance.


17 June 2008 at 9:58pm Community Member, 52 Posts

Hi all:

I have discovered that the code that creates the problem is in jsparty/tiny_mce_improvements.js, concretely in onmouseup function.
The content in this function is inserted in the HTML. I can´t find when is inserted.
If I delete the function, it works better (no XML error in Firefox), but i have discovered that TinyMCE adds this chunk code to the image:

resizeTo="function(width, height) {       var newWidth = parseInt(height);       var newHeight = parseInt(height) - this.heightDiff;       if(isNaN(newWidth)) newWidth = this.width;       if(isNaN(newHeight)) newHeight = this.height;              // Constrain to width of the window       if((this.offsetLeft + this.offsetWidth + 20) > this.ownerDoc().offsetWidth)          newWidth += (this.ownerDoc().offsetWidth - this.offsetLeft - this.offsetWidth - 20);           if(this.aspectRatio) {          // Figure out which dimension we have altered more          var heightChange = this.originalHeight / this.height;          if(heightChange < 1) heightChange = 1/heightChange;                    var widthChange = this.originalWidth / this.width;          if(widthChange < 1) widthChange = 1/widthChange;                    // Scale by the more constant dimension (so if you edit the height, change width to suit)          if(widthChange > heightChange)             newHeight = newWidth * this.aspectRatio;          else             newWidth = newHeight / this.aspectRatio;       } = newWidth + 'px'; = newHeight + 'px';       this.width = newWidth;       this.height = newHeight;                 // Auto-size special image holders       if(this.parentNode.parentNode.className.match(/(^|\b)specialImage($|\b)/)) { = newWidth + 'px';       }    }" ownerDoc="function() {       var f =this.parentNode;       while(f && f.tagName.toLowerCase() != 'body') f = f.parentNode;       return f;    }" prepareForResize="function() {       if(this.aspectRatio == null) {          this.aspectRatio = this.height / this.width;       }           this.originalWidth = this.width;       this.originalHeight = this.height;    }" _onclick="function() {       var form = $('Form_EditorToolbarImageForm');       if(form) {          form.elements.AltText.value = this.alt;          form.elements.CSSClass.value = this.className;       }    }" initialize="function() {       TinyMCE.prototype.addEvent(this, 'click', this._onclick);    }"

I also have discovered that the image is moved to assets/imagenes/_resampled/ResizedImage545161-img.jpg directory and i don´t understand why because i have used the image without resizing.
Any idea about avoiding to resizing images in SS?


20 June 2008 at 11:07am Forum Moderator, 801 Posts

hm, i can't find this javascript code anywhere - the tiny_mce_improvements has similiar javascript, but not in the resizeTo="function()..." notation. where did you find this code?
there's most likely a curly brace too many, do you get a javascript error as well?


20 June 2008 at 7:39pm Community Member, 52 Posts

Hi Ingo:

Thank you very much for analizing this problem.
The code inserted is in tiny_mce_improvements.js file.
The resizeTo code is in the resizeTo: function the ownerDoc is in ownerDoc: function and so on.
I don´t know how to debug to know where TiniMCE decides to insert this or not. By the way i have to say that saving the same content this chunk of code is not always inserted :-(