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Custom Function but parameter is always NULL

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12 June 2008 at 7:29pm Community Member, 3 Posts

I want to have a function that generates me a copyright year range.
I call it in the footer like this: $CopyrightRange(2007)
Then it should print "2007-2008"
But the parameter is always NULL. I checked this with the var_dump you can see below.
If have tested this function in the Page class and in the Page_Controller class but it doesn't work at all.
What goes wrong here??

public function getCopyrightRange($from) {
$to = date('Y');
if(!empty($from) && $from < $to) {
return $from . '&ndash;' . $to;
return $to;


12 June 2008 at 7:57pm Community Member, 501 Posts

You can also do just

2007 - $Now.Year

in the template


12 June 2008 at 8:04pm Community Member, 3 Posts

I could but that's not what I want.
Ich want do write $CopyrightRange(2008)
and in 2009 in should then automatically print 2008-2009
but this year it should print only 2008


12 June 2008 at 8:13pm Community Member, 501 Posts

the problem is the 'get' in getCopyrightRange($from)

Either add the 'get' in the template, or get rid of it in the controller/model.. whereever you've put it.


12 June 2008 at 8:15pm Forum Moderator, 921 Posts

This is caused by a deficiency in the templating language.

You either have to:

1. Change getCopyrightRange() to CopyrightRange() in your PHP code (removing the "get" prefix)
2. OR, you can call $getCopyrightRange(2007)



12 June 2008 at 8:16pm Forum Moderator, 921 Posts

dio5: d'oh! Posted same time as you! ;-)


12 June 2008 at 8:43pm Community Member, 3 Posts

Ok thanks.
Can you explain why sometimes I have to use getFooBar and sometime only FooBar is enough?


12 June 2008 at 10:56pm Forum Moderator, 921 Posts

It only happens when there's an argument to a function call.

For example:

function getPage($id) {
return DataObject::get_by_id('Page', (int)$id);

Using $Page(5) in the template will call ->getPage() and not pass in the parameter, which will cause a problem if you're assumption is a parameter that should always be there.

However, calling $getPage(5) in the template will call ->getPage(5) passing in the parameter correctly.

Perhaps it is indeed a bug, but it doesn't appear to be a major one, as it's easily worked around in the templates.

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