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Hosting on Webdrive (NZ) - Error saving content


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7 July 2008 at 11:46am (Last edited: 7 July 2008 11:50am), Community Member, 604 Posts

Hi All,

I have just setup my first completed SS on Webdrive NZ and begun testing the system. All seems well on the surface.

FYI - there are two must haves at the top of the htaccess file for this host:
php_value memory_limit 64M
php_value allow_call_time_pass_reference 1

You will intermittingly get memory exhausted errors without the first one, as Webdrive's default memory_limit is 20MB. This will always happen when you do a ?flush=1 or db/build/?flush=1 if you don't add it.

The one (and so far only) problem I am having is when trying to save a page in the CMS. It doesn't matter what page type I try (including the default Page), I get "Error saving content" in the lower left of the content window, and this error in Firebug:

POST 500 (1868ms)

Safe mode is turned off, and this is all working fine on local WAMP, so must be a configuration on the live server (I don't have access to raw logs).

Any ideas?


7 July 2008 at 1:00pm Forum Moderator, 5511 Posts

If you turn dev mode on on the live site on the webserver (only temp, never want to leave a live site in dev mode) then try and save - under firebug -> Console the ajax request hopefully will return an error.


7 July 2008 at 1:20pm (Last edited: 7 July 2008 1:21pm), Community Member, 604 Posts

Mean - I didn't know that works on the CMS side too for AJAX calls. Here is the first part of the error:

ERROR:Error 256: DATABASE ERROR: Couldn't run query: SELECT MAX(Version) + 1 FROM SiteTree_versions WHERE

RecordID = 15 | Table 'vivaexp.SiteTree_versions' doesn't exist

So a table naming thing again (I had to manually change all the table names to upper case because WAMP set them all to lowercase.

Ovbiously the word "_versions" needs to be lowercase. Can you confirm that this is across the board? Is there any others I should be aware of (like "_live"? Which is currently "_Live" on my system)



7 July 2008 at 1:32pm Community Member, 604 Posts

Mean +1

Problem solved by changing "_Versions" to "_versions" on all the page type table names, including SiteTree_Versions.

Can I just have a clarification on the naming convention here please? Looking at a clean install, "_versions" is the only table name word that needs to be lowercase. "_Live" is supposed to be title cased.



7 July 2008 at 1:33pm (Last edited: 7 July 2008 1:40pm), Community Member, 604 Posts

Hey Sam,

Cheers for the tip. I'll do that now too.


EDIT - Hey, Sam's post is gone....