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How can I change the silverstripe link at the bottom of the admin side?


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4 August 2008 at 5:44pm Community Member, 7 Posts

Hi all,
I am new to silverstripe. While customizing silverstripe I am facing a problem. I am unable to remove the silverstripe version and silverstripe link at the bottom of the admin side.
Plz help me to remove it.
Advanced thanks for your valuable time.



4 August 2008 at 5:56pm Community Member, 16 Posts

In the CMS folder there is another folder called templates, inside of that template is a file called, if you look for the following code, you can either change the text at the bottom, or remove it completely.

   <div id="bottom">
      <div class="holder">
      <div id="logInStatus">
         <a href="" title="<% _t('SSWEB','Silverstripe Website') %>">SilverStripe CMS</a>&nbsp;-&nbsp;
         <abbr style="border-style: none" title="<% _t('APPVERSIONTEXT1',"This is the") %> $ApplicationName <% _t('APPVERSIONTEXT2',"version that you are currently running, technically it's the CVS branch") %>">$CMSVersion</abbr> &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp;
         <% control CurrentMember %>
         <% _t('LOGGEDINAS','Logged in as') %> <strong><% if FirstName && Surname %>$FirstName $Surname<% else_if FirstName %>$FirstName<% else %>$Email<% end_if %></strong> | <a href="{$BaseHref}admin/myprofile" id="EditMemberProfile"><% _t('EDITPROFILE','Profile') %></a> | <a href="Security/logout" id="LogoutLink"><% _t('LOGOUT','log out') %></a>
      <% end_control %>

Hope that helps


4 August 2008 at 7:13pm Community Member, 7 Posts

It helps.

Thanks very Much