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Javascript errors when loading a page in admin


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8 August 2008 at 3:44pm (Last edited: 8 August 2008 4:52pm), Community Member, 46 Posts


Strange problem cropped up today. Using SS 2.2.2 with FireFox 3- I can login to the admin, but as soon as I try to open a page from the tree it just hangs (won't finish loading) and FireBug gives me this error...

ActiveXObject is undefined

in jsparty/prototype.js

var Ajax = {
650 getTransport: function() {
651 return Try.these(
652 function() {return new ActiveXObject('Msxml2.XMLHTTP')},
653 function() {return new ActiveXObject('Microsoft.XMLHTTP')},
654 function() {return new XMLHttpRequest()}
655 ) || false;
656 },

I get the above error when drag and drop reordering is unchecked. If I check drag and drop reordering and try to reload the page I get a different error.

$("Form_EditorToolbarLinkForm").respondToModeChange is not a function

in jsparty/tiny_mce2/tiny_mce_src.js

try {
1835 $('Form_EditorToolbarLinkForm').respondToNodeChange();
1836 $('Form_EditorToolbarImageForm').respondToNodeChange();
1837 } catch(ex) {}

I need some help to direct me to where I should look for the problem, as I don't recall doing anything that would affect this - my last changes were adding a new page with some javascript in the templates, but I erased it and still the same errors after a flush and db/build.

I am only experiencing this on one of my ss sites and it works without throwing up errors in Safari.

Thanks for any help.


8 August 2008 at 4:58pm (Last edited: 8 August 2008 5:02pm), Community Member, 46 Posts

Here is some more info...

The function that the page is getting stuck on is "getPageFromServer()" which is in cms/javascript/LeftAndMain_right.js on line 276


When drag and drop reordering is checked it gets stuck on "triggerNodeChange()" which is in jsparty/tinymce2/tiny_mce_src.js on line 1835

try {
1835         $('Form_EditorToolbarLinkForm').respondToNodeChange();
      } catch(ex) {}