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Problem with Subsites Module


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21 August 2008 at 9:59pm Community Member, 12 Posts


I managed to install the Subsites module (well... I guess I did) without issues. When I did the


it returned the updated database info. But I don't get a Subsites main menu entry. Is there something else I'm supposed to do?

Thank you.


23 November 2008 at 9:16am Community Member, 2 Posts

Hey there,

I've just spent all day on this, and then in the subsites/README file I found this:

- genericdataadmin Module

I installed the genericdataadmin module (checked out the truck from here: [url][/url]) and the menu option appeared... now to figure out if subsites even does what I was after.

FYI: I'm using 2.3.0rc1 and the trunk of the subsites module too.



23 November 2008 at 9:42am 121 Posts

I was under the impression that the genericdataadmin stuff had been replaced by modeladmin in 2.3, so if the subsites module does require it then I wouldn't be suprised if it doesn't work.

The last time I tested the subsites trunk code was on 2.2.2, and it seemed to work ok on that after a bit of coaxing.


23 November 2008 at 10:57am (Last edited: 23 November 2008 11:00am), Community Member, 2 Posts

Hey jam13,

Today is my first day on SilverStripe, I'm evaluating it for a project I've got coming up. So anything that I do is probably wrong!

Even though adding the genericdataadmin module made the menu item appear on the backend, it appeared that the functionality mentioned in the [url=]wiki[/url] just wasn't there - I could create subsites, but the drop down list did not appear on the Site Content page and if I tried accessing the subdomain on the normal site it would give an error message. I suspect that it will need a more experienced mind than mine to get this working with 2.3.0.

It even says at the top of the [url=]genericadminmodule[/url]:

* @deprecated Use {@link ModelAdmin} instead, it's much more advanced and does much more for you.

Subsites are a requirement for my project, but not an urgent one, so I may still be able to use SilverStripe (it's certainly the best CMS I've seen so far), but I'll be waiting with baited breath for subsites to be fixed for 2.3.0.