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Email bcc's to sender?


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18 September 2008 at 12:21pm (Last edited: 18 September 2008 12:32pm), Community Member, 56 Posts

Hi All,

I've just built emailing into my SS app, and there seems to be something strange going on with the emails. It sends OK, but the email address I have placed in the from field also receives a copy. I've got the same application on 2 servers, 1 testing and 1 production, and it's doing the same from both. I also tried sending an email through a basic php script using the same addresses, and this behaviour doesn't occur in that case.

Have I missed something?

The application I'm building will be sending hundreds or even thousands of emails a day and we're not wanting them all sent back to us as well, any ideas?

here's the source code if it helps:

public function sendEmail($ID)
      $sub = DataObject::get_by_id('RegistrationSubmission', $ID);
      if ($sub)
         $email = new Email_Template();
         $email->to = $sub->Email;
         $email->from = GFConst::email_from_name . '<' . GFConst::email_from . '>';
         $email->subject = GFConst::submission_subject;
         $email->ss_template = GFConst::submission_template;


19 September 2008 at 7:59am Community Member, 56 Posts

Anybody? Is this a bug or the way it's supposed to work, if the former, how can I fix it, if the latter, how can I disable it?